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Whats New In BulletProof Security Pro 6.5

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Published: August 5, 2013
Updated: August 5, 2013

BPS Pro 6.5 Primary Focus:

Additional Pre-installation Wizard & Setup Wizard error checking, automation and enhancements

The Setup Wizard will not overwrite your existing Plugin Firewall whitelist rules. If you have manually added additional Plugin Firewall whitelist rules to the Plugin Firewall whitelist text area then they will not be overwritten if you run the Setup Wizard again at a later time.
The Setup Wizard checks the /wp-content folder for additional folders that should be automatically excluded from being checked by AutoRestore/Quarantine and automatically creates these AutoRestore folder exclude rules. Folders that will have AutoRestore exclude rules created automatically: Plugin Backup folder containing website backups (zip, tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, rar, 7z and sql), folders containing media file types (pdf, mpg, avi, etc) that do not need to be monitored or checked by AutoRestore/Quarantine since these file types are not exploitable and additional Plugin cache folders.
The Setup Wizard checks for existing sitemap.xml and sitemap.xml.gz sitemap files and automatically creates these AutoRestore file exclude rules for sitemap files if they have not already been previously excluded from being checked by AutoRestore/Quarantine.
The Pre-installation Setup Wizard checks the PHP Configuration Memory Limit and the memory limit variable value. If the memory limit is set too low a warning/error message is displayed, if the variable value is not returned a default value of 128M is set to avoid problems when automatically creating the ini_set Options code in the wp-config.php file.
The Pre-installation Setup Wizard checks the wp-config.php file for the placeholder text that is needed to write the ini_set Options code to the wp-config.php file. If the wp-config.php file has been modified/altered and the placeholder text does not exist a warning/error is displayed with instructions on exactly what the problem is and how to fix the problem.
Pre-installation Wizard and Setup Wizard enhancements: If you WordPress version is another language version of WordPress then once the ini_set options code has been successfully added to the wp-config.php file the error check for the ini_set Options code will check and display that the ini_set Options code has been successfully added by displaying a Green font status text instead of the Red font error message.
The Pre-installation Setup Wizard automatically turns Off the AutoRestore Cron (ARQ Cron) to prevent problems when running the Setup Wizard on websites where there is an extremely large amount of files to be automatically backed up during the Setup Wizard AutoRestore/Quarantine file backup process.

Feature Changes:

The Plugin Firewall accordion tabs order on the B-Core Security Modes page has been changed. This makes much more logical sense since adding additional Plugin Firewall whitelist rules to Plugins Script/File Whitelist Text Area will be the most used accordion tab.

Firewall Whitelist Tools
Firewall cURL Scanner
Firewall Test Mode
Additional Whitelist Tools
An additional Admin Dashboard Alert will be displayed in B-Core when invalid plugin whitelist rules are detected in the Plugins Script/File Whitelist Text Area with a click here link that will go the Plugin Firewall setup area that displays specific error checks for the plugin script whitelist rules that have invalid rules/code/paths/errors.
In BPS Pro 6.0 we did a trial test with auto-locking the root .htaccess file when using the built-in htaccess editor. This has been changed back to ONLY auto-locking the root htaccess on BPS Pro upgrades and at other times that are appropriate. The root htaccess file is no longer auto-locked when editing the root .htaccess file directly using the BPS Pro built-in .htaccess file editor.

Code Corrections:

Undefined variable: wp_upload_dir correction, fileperms and chmod functions error suppression as needed.

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