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Whats New In BulletProof Security Pro 6.0

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Published: July 10, 2013
Updated: July 10, 2013

Major Version Release: BPS Pro 6.0


BPS Pro 6.0 Primary Focus: New Setup Wizard

BPS Pro has a new Setup Wizard that does the entire BPS Pro setup with one click that takes 10 seconds to 1 minute to complete.

BPS Pro makes a backup of files and stores them in the /wp-content/bps-backup folder. When uninstalling BPS Pro all settings, all DB options, all DB tables and all files with the exception of the files stored in the /bps-backup folder will be removed/deleted.

BPS Pro 6.0 Secondary Focus:

New and Improved Automation, Displayed Alerts and Messaging Throughout BPS Pro.


BPS Pro 6.0 Additional Focuses:

New S-Monitor Option – Login Security: Login Security Alerts: 
Login Security Status & Alerts option is now 2 options to allow separate control of Login Security Status Display and Login Security Displayed Alerts.
Pro-Tools cURL Scanner: 
A New Additional cURL Multi page scan tool has been added to Pro-Tools cURL scanner. Scans all website Pages simultaneously with one click for plugin scripts to add to the Plugin Firewall Whitelist.
Network/Multisite Plugin Network Activation Check: 
If the BPS Pro Plugin is accidentally Network Activated an error is displayed to Network Deactivate the BPS Pro plugin.
Maintenance mode File Cleanup: 
Maintenance mode files are automatically deleted when Root BulletProof Mode is activated.
Plugin Firewall Additional Error Checking: 
Additional error checking added throughout all areas of BPS Pro dealing with scanning for plugin scripts to whitelist including the Setup Wizard.
Additional Dismiss Notices Created: 
Plugin Firewall Additional Roles IP Whitelist Dismiss Notice for Network/Multisite, Broken Link Checker plugin HEAD Request Method filter Dismiss Notice and Sucuri 1-click Hardening wp-content .htaccess file Dismiss Notice.
AutoRestore/Quarantine Upgrade FailSafe: 
The ARQ Cron is automatically turned Off when upgrading BPS Pro to prevent accidental file quarantine.
Additional dequeue conditions added in admin.php: 
dequeue other plugin’s jQuery scripts that are loading in BPS Pro plugin pages.
Manual Upgrade Check link change: 
The Manual Upgrade Check Link now stays on WP Plugins page to check for available BPS Pro plugin upgrades instead of going to the WP Updates page.

Code/Text/Error Messages Corrections:

AutoLocking of .htaccess files Permissions/CHMOD code corrections, Plugin Firewall whitelist DB option check for blank value removed, Login Security & Monitoring Error on first page access via /wp-login.php, BPS Pro Activation Key check and error message correction, BPS Pro Custom Code help text corrections and Pluggable.php include removed from bulletproof-security.php.
Lots of other performance optimizations / visual enhancements / error checking throughout BPS Pro.
But of course.

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