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Whats New In BulletProof Security Pro 7.0

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Published: September 4, 2013
Updated: September 4, 2013

BPS Pro 7.0 Primary Focuses:

Removing and/or replacing obsolete code/processing/help text & Automation improvements/enhancements


Structural/Menu Changes:

The B-Core Edit/Upload/Download tab page has been renamed to htaccess File Editor.
The File Upload & Download features have been removed from the new htaccess File Editor page since these features/options are obsolete.


Setup Wizard/Pre-Installation Wizard changes:

The Pre-Installation Wizard now handles some of the functions that were previously in the Setup Wizard. This serves several purposes.
The Pre-Installation Wizard should always be run first before running the Setup Wizard.
On some hosts/servers the ARQ backup is happening prior to the ARQ exclude filters being created. To ensure the ARQ exclude filters are created before the backup occurs this has been moved to the pre-installation wizard. This guarantees 100% that the ARQ exclude filters are already created prior to files being backed up by the Setup Wizard. An additional benefit is the Setup Wizard runs faster now.
Array_replace fallback function created in the Setup Wizard for PHP Servers that do have the array_replace function.


System Info page new addition:

WP Filesystem API Method will display the WordPress Filesystem Method in use. For DSO Server troubleshooting additional fields will be displayed if the Script Owner and File Owner ID’s do not match.


AutoMagic/Setup Wizard php.ini handler code:

BPS Pro no longer automatically detects php.ini handler code based on Host. This has become a very complex issue as of php5.3.x and higher versions. BPS Pro Custom Code should be used to add/save php.ini handler code if your website requires php.ini handler .htaccess code.
If you have php.ini handler code in your root .htaccess file, but it has not been saved to BPS Pro Custom Code a Dashboard Alert Dismiss Notice will be displayed advising you to add/save your php.ini handler code to BPS Pro Custom Code.
The Pre-Installation Wizard will NOT create the root .htaccess file if a php.ini handler is found in the root .htaccess file, but not in Custom Code. An Error is displayed with a link to a new Forum post on how to add the php.ini handler code to Custom Code.


Custom Code help text/error checks:

Php/php.ini handler Help Text updated.
You MUST copy and paste the entire BPSQSE QUERY STRING EXPLOITS section of code from your root .htaccess file from # BEGIN BPSQSE BPS QUERY STRING EXPLOITS to # END BPSQSE BPS QUERY STRING EXPLOITS into this text box first. You can then edit and modify the code in this text window and save your changes.
Custom Code error check for invalid BPSQSE Query String Exploits code.


Root .htaccess file changes options.php, functions.php & wizard.php � auto-update, writing and Master files:



Dashboard Status Displays and Alerts:

All Dashboard Status Displays and Alerts are now only display to Administrators. Editors, Authors, Contributors and Subscribers will not see any alerts or the Dashboard Status Display.


BackWPup problem preventative code:

BPS Pro Dashboard alerts misfire on the BackWPup Backups page. A preventative coding condition has been added to prevent BackWPup from causing BPS Pro Dashboard Alerts to misfire.


Pro-Tools cURL Scan tool & Scheduled Crons change:

The 5 page cURL scanner is now a 20 page cURL scanner.
Scheduled Cron jobs are now displayed in standard time format and not military time format.


Video Tutorial Link/Page change:

All Video Tutorial links are now pointing to the new Video Tutorial page.


New Dashboard Dismiss Notices:

Custom Permalinks check/alert has been changed to a Dashboard Dismiss Notice.
Php.ini handler check Dashboard Dismiss Notice.

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