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Whats New In BulletProof Security Pro 16.3

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Published: February 14, 2022
Updated: February 20, 2022

BPS Pro 16.3.2
• BugFix: MScan: MScan AJAX condition correction for certain scenarios when using the Delete File Hashes Tool. Caused the File Hash Maker JavaScript Status not to display during file hash creation.

• Procedural Update: BPS Pro MU Tools plugin: Reduced the Description text so that the GET links in the left column display correctly.

• PHP Error Fix: Cannot redeclare bpsPro_AP_Check() (previously declared in… fixed. Dev Note: Some plugins cause this php error due to how they output buffer. A condition to only load this function on BPS Pro plugin pages has been created to hopefully prevent this error. Unfortunately, this problem is not reproducible on my Dev and Production sites.

• Procedural Update: HUD Activation Key error: An exclusion rule has been added for the Coming Soon maintenance mode plugin. The BPS Pro Activation Key is not valid error message will not be displayed if the Coming Soon plugin is activated.

BPS Pro 16.3.1
• Procedural Update: MScan: File Hash Maker: Calculating Scan Time change has been made to increase the scan calculation time. On some servers it takes 3 times longer to calculate the estimated scan time.

• BugFix: MScan: File Hash Maker: The File Hash Maker progress bar was not loading on first time scans or when the Delete File Hashes Tool was used due to a missing conditional check in the MScan AJAX script.

BPS Pro 16.3
• MScan Significant Improvements: Many changes were made to stabilize scanning for scenarios which previously caused scanning to hang or loop. MScan now performs very consistently in every server environment and also when known problems exist. When WP Core, Plugin or Theme zip files need to be download, extracted and file hashes created the MScan Status display window with display: File Hash Maker Time Remaining: 00:00:00 : Downloading and extracting zip files. After the file hash maker has completed the total number of WP Core, Plugin or Theme file zip downloads will be displayed. When the File Hash Maker is processing zip files, file scanning is aborted. This will prevent the previous problem where false positive file hash mismatches were detected due to file scanning occurring simultaneously with zip processing within the same initial scan. File scanning no longer occurs while zip files are being processed. After the File Hash Maker has finished processing zip files the next new scan will scan files.

• MScan CR LF vs LF Issue: MScan now automatically fixes the known problem with WP Default Themes Windows CR LF vs Linux LF formatting issue. WP Default Themes bundled into the WP Core zip files (5.9, etc.) have Linux LF formatting. WP Default Themes in the WP Themes Repository have Windows CR LF formatting. This issue creates false positive file hash mistmatch scan results. All WP Default Themes are now automatically converted to Linux LF format during the MScan file hash making process.

• MScan Additional Functionality: The host server’s /tmp folder is now scanned by MScan if the /tmp folder is readable.

• MScan Dev Notes: When using the Plugin or Theme zip uploader forms the File Hash Maker popup status will display 0 for plugins or themes. This is normal and does not cause any problems. New FailSafe error checking has been added for zip download problems. Zip file Request timeouts or Request delays and folder permissions or Ownership problems.

• New Dismiss Notice: MScan Significant Improvements Notice.

• Dismiss Notice Removal: MScan Rebuild Notice.

• AutoRestore OBFD Cron: The AutoRestore Old Backup File Deletion Cron has been updated to include the latest old WP version files (<= 5.9) to automatically delete from AutoRestore backup.

• Procedural Update: Prevent the root htaccess file (auto_.htaccess) file from being quarantined due to the WP flush_rewrite_rules() function used in other plugins.

• BugFix: BPS Pro Activation: Whitespace was not being stripped out of the Save Download-Request Key and Save Activation Key text boxes due to a coding mistake. Whitespace and Unicode is now successfully being stripped out of the Save Download-Request Key and Save Activation Key text boxes.

• Procedural Update: Setup Wizard: Setup Wizard hangs and displays this js popup “changes you made may not be saved”. This was caused by accessing the W3TC plugin option settings page to retrieve W3TC plugin option settings in order to AutoSetup W3TC htaccess code with BPS htaccess code. This method has been changed and AutoSetup will successfully setup W3TC htaccess code in the root htaccess file and BPS Custom Code.

• Procedural Update: Setup Wizard: Additional default AutoRestore wp-content folder exclude rule created for the WPvivid Image Optimization plugin wp-content folder.

• PHP Error Fix: Setup Wizard: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool in wizard.php on line 1878.

• PHP Error Fix: PHP Warning: gethostbyaddr(): Address is not in a.b.c.d form fixed

• CSS Fix: Custom Code: CSS Responsive fixes for viewport sizes.

• Procedural Update: PHP 8.1.1 => 9.x.x compatibility: version_compare() conditions added for various classes. PHP Deprecated errors suppressed using: #[\ReturnTypeWillChange] for PHP 8.1.1 up to 9 for backwards compatibility. Return type declarations have been added to various classes for PHP 9.x.x versions. Dev Note: Some additional code changes may be required. Pending WP 6.0 version release.

• Procedural Update: Quarantine: Sort|Search form CSS margin change.

• Procedural Update: Setup Wizard: Create a default AutoRestore exclude rule for the WP .maintenance file.

• Addition: System Info: MySQL Database Info: DB max_allowed_packet. This check is useful if this php error occurs when running MScan: WordPress database error Got a packet bigger than max_allowed_packet bytes for query. This php error will most likely will only occur on XAMPP, MAMP, WAMP and LAMP Local Dev servers and not hosted servers.

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