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Whats New In BulletProof Security Pro 15.8

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Published: August 28, 2021
Updated: August 28, 2021

• New Feature:
 S-Monitor: Send email alerts when new Plugin or Theme updates are available. Options: 1 Hour, 12 Hours or 1 Day. Do not send email alerts (default setting), Send Email Alerts for All Plugins, Send Email Alerts for Active Plugins Only, Send Email Alerts for All Themes and Send Email Alerts for Active Theme Only. Location: BPS Pro > S-Monitor > Email Alerting & Log File Options Form.

• BugFix: S-Monitor: AutoRestore|Quarantine is Turned Off Cron function missing newer DB options. Dev Note: This only affected some S-Monitor email alert options IF AutoRestore|Quarantine was Turned Off and the S-Monitor ARQ Off check was turned On.

• AutoRestore OBFD Cron: The AutoRestore Old Backup File Deletion Cron has been updated to include the latest old WP version files to automatically delete from AutoRestore backup.

• ARQ Automation: The WordPress Theme Editor is now hooked into ARQ Automation. Any edited Theme files will be automatically backed up to ARQ backup.

• MScan Log|DB Monitor Log: Logging fields changed: Full path to files has been changed to relative paths to files. DB Table Prefix removed from logging field: Table Name. Reason: htaccess files are not processed on nginx server types, which would leave the MScan and DB Monitor Logs unprotected by the /bps-backup/.htaccess file.

• DB Backup Log: Logging fields removed: Zip Backup File Name, DB Backup Folder Location and DB Backup File Download Link|URL. DB Table Prefix removed from logging field: Table Name. Reason: htaccess files are not processed on nginx server types, which would leave the DB Backup Log unprotected by the /bps-backup/.htaccess file. The DB Backup Log is deleted on BPS upgrade if the log file contains the file paths to DB Backup zip files and replaced with a new blank DB Backup Log file.

• DB Backup: PHP error fixed: Undefined variable $mailed.

• Reload BPS Pro Status Display: Changed from PHP to JavaScript. Clicking the Reload BPS Pro Status Display button reloads the fragment/named anchor tab page instead of loading the main tab page in BPS Pro plugin pages.

• BugFix: Log File Zip & Email: Switch break conditions fixed.

• TypoFix: 2 help text typos fixed.

• Procedural Fix: jQuery alert added when the View version details link is clicked on the WP Plugins page. As of WP 5.8 the BPS free plugin details are displayed in the version details iframe instead of BPS Pro plugin details.

• wp-admin .htaccess Change: The wp-admin/widgets.php file is whitelisted by default in the wp-admin .htaccess file. Resolves issues with the new Widgets Block Editor in WP 5.8.

• Setup Wizard: SAPI conditional check added for DSO server types to not display the Root htaccess file lock recommendation text.

• System Info: PHP error fix: opcache_get_configuration() has been disabled for security reasons.

• System Info: PHP error fix: Zend OPcache API is restricted by “restrict_api”.

• System Info: Zend OPcache conditional corrections.

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