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Mystery Shopper Scam | Western Union Scam | Counterfeit Check Scam | Fake Check Scam – Busted

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Published: August 8, 2010
Updated: October 6, 2012

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The Mystery Shopper Western Union counterfeit check scam has been around for many years and is recently on the rise again.  There are many variations on this particular type of criminal scam.  The typical formula for the Mystery Shopper scammers is to send you a letter in the mail informing you that you have been selected as a Mystery Shopper candidate to evaluate Western Union’s customer service level.  Counterfeit checks, bad checks, fake checks or forged checks are also included in the letter.  Your Mystery Shopper “job” is to cash those counterfeit checks, bad checks, faked checks or forged checks and send the majority of the money /cash through the Western Union money transfer / transaction system under the fake job assignment of  evaluating Western Union as service providers.  Your payment for this fake Mystery Shopper assignment scam is that you get to keep the remaining amount of the counterfeit check, bad check, fake check or forged check that you cashed.  Besides being ripped off by these criminal scams, cashing counterfeit checks, bad checks, fake checks or forged checks can get you arrested and even convicted of a felony.

I recently received a letter in the mail notifying my that I had been selected as a Mystery Shopper candidate.  The letter informed me that I would pose as a potential customer sending a Western Union payment as a Mystery Shopper to evaluate Western Union’s services.  The Mystery Shopper scammers request that you contact them immediately upon receipt of the letter so that you can speak with an assignment co-ordinator and validate or activate the enclosed check.  Instead of destroying the counterfeit checks from this scam I decided to expose these particular criminals and put them out of business for good hopefully.  These particular Mystery Shopper scam criminals were operating out of Ontario Canada, specifically in the Toronto, Ontario and London, Ontario areas.   

I legally recorded a series of 4 conversations with these Mystery Shopper counterfeit check scamming criminals on my business telephone knowing full well that I was talking to check counterfeiting criminals who were trying to involve me in a crime and of course steal money.  There were actually 5 recorded conversations, but I cannot use the first conversation for legal reasons.  The first conversation is not that interesting anyway.  The criminals are sizing me up and assessing how suspicious I am.  The 4 recorded conversations are split into two parts so that they could be shared on YouTube.

I want to sincerely thank the London, Ontario Police department for their assistance in catching these criminals.

* No information has been provided or disclosed about how to successfully track and catch these criminals.  If you are a check counterfeiting criminal you are wasting your time by watching these recordings.

Mystery Shopper Scam Exposed – Criminals Busted (1 of 2)

Mystery Shopper Scam Exposed – Criminals Busted (2 of 2)

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