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Mystery Shopper Scam | Western Union Scam | Counterfeit Check Scam | Fake Check Scam – Busted

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Published: August 8, 2010
Updated: October 6, 2012

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The Mystery Shopper Western Union counterfeit check scam has been around for many years and is recently on the rise again.  There are many variations on this particular type of criminal scam.  The typical formula for the Mystery Shopper scammers is to send you a letter in the mail informing you that you have been selected as a Mystery Shopper candidate to evaluate Western Union’s customer service level.  Counterfeit checks, bad checks, fake checks or forged checks are also included in the letter.  Your Mystery Shopper “job” is to cash those counterfeit checks, bad checks, faked checks or forged checks and send the majority of the money /cash through the Western Union money transfer / transaction system under the fake job assignment of  evaluating Western Union as service providers.  Your payment for this fake Mystery Shopper assignment scam is that you get to keep the remaining amount of the counterfeit check, bad check, fake check or forged check that you cashed.  Besides being ripped off by these criminal scams, cashing counterfeit checks, bad checks, fake checks or forged checks can get you arrested and even convicted of a felony.

I recently received a letter in the mail notifying my that I had been selected as a Mystery Shopper candidate.  The letter informed me that I would pose as a potential customer sending a Western Union payment as a Mystery Shopper to evaluate Western Union’s services.  The Mystery Shopper scammers request that you contact them immediately upon receipt of the letter so that you can speak with an assignment co-ordinator and validate or activate the enclosed check.  Instead of destroying the counterfeit checks from this scam I decided to expose these particular criminals and put them out of business for good hopefully.  These particular Mystery Shopper scam criminals were operating out of Ontario Canada, specifically in the Toronto, Ontario and London, Ontario areas.   

I legally recorded a series of 4 conversations with these Mystery Shopper counterfeit check scamming criminals on my business telephone knowing full well that I was talking to check counterfeiting criminals who were trying to involve me in a crime and of course steal money.  There were actually 5 recorded conversations, but I cannot use the first conversation for legal reasons.  The first conversation is not that interesting anyway.  The criminals are sizing me up and assessing how suspicious I am.  The 4 recorded conversations are split into two parts so that they could be shared on YouTube.

I want to sincerely thank the London, Ontario Police department for their assistance in catching these criminals.

* No information has been provided or disclosed about how to successfully track and catch these criminals.  If you are a check counterfeiting criminal you are wasting your time by watching these recordings.

Mystery Shopper Scam Exposed – Criminals Busted (1 of 2)

Mystery Shopper Scam Exposed – Criminals Busted (2 of 2)

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69 Comments to “Mystery Shopper Scam | Western Union Scam | Counterfeit Check Scam | Fake Check Scam – Busted”

  1. WontbScammed says:

    Nexgen Municipal Research Associate

    *Mystery Shopper*

    Mr James Robinson

    647 – 608 – 4913

    Sent a check for 1500. I already deposited it but havent touched it yet… Came home to do research and of course some things are to good to be true. Already called my back and told them… Sorry Scammers… almost but not me…

    Sorry to all that has lost money by this scam

    • Nina says:

      I got the package yesterday October 30, 2012 the cheques amount is $1500.00 the letter said call Mr. Charles Lawrence 647-786-3689 to remove the security code. On the phone he told me to deposit the cheque thru the machine but I do not do it I went to TD bank and let the bank check the cheque the bank manager told me the cheque is fake. after that I go to police station and give the package to the police.

      Toronto Resident

  2. Cristale says:

    I am soooo glad I found this site tonight. I just got a check in for $1950 after having been accepted into a Mystery Shop program from an ad I had applied for on Kijiji. I was going to go cash it in tomorrow and do the Mystery Shop as they asked. The check looks very real but I started to wonder about its legitimacy. I’m very glad I came across this blog because I would have lost nearly $2000 tomorrow and possibly faced criminal charges.

    • AITpro Admin says:

      Awesome! So many folks post here after they have already been ripped off by these lowlife scumbags. You just made my day! 🙂 Thanks.

  3. Quintin says:


    So i just received two checks :both for 1740. The instructions basically instructed me to complete the mystery shop, by cashing the check at western union, keeping 200.00, spending 50.00 on a item in Walmart, and then transfer the rest to someone in Georgia. I really would like to cash it, since i need the money but i think its a scam.

    I already mystery shop now and i never had to deal with one paying me up front. I just think just maybe this might be the real deal for me. I might be the lucky one to actually have a real shop this time.

  4. Ellen says:

    I recently received one of these e-mails and thought it sounded fun, being a mystery shopper and all. So I sent in my information to apply and they sent me a packet with my first assignment, it was a $3500 check and a letter telling me to put it in my account and then wire it to a few different accounts using some wireless transfer in Western Union Credit Union. I felt uneasy about that amount of money being in my bank account so I held onto it until I could do some research. Then they started calling me and freaking out asking me why I hadn’t e-mailed them my report. I didn’t think they should be freaking out that much since it had only been a few days. Then I found this forum and I called them to let them know that I wouldn’t do their “mystery shopper” thing, they didn’t answer their phone so I left a message. Then I e-mailed them and let them know that I was pretty sure they’re a scam and I wouldn’t be completing their assignment so to please take me off their list. Then a few days later they e-mailed me saying that the FBI would be on my doorstep in 24 hours if I didn’t do anything with that check and that they would sue me for holding on to their company funds and all that. They said that they hadn’t heard from me and that I shouldn’t have sent them my information if I was so undependable and they said that they had been calling me and I hadn’t been answering their calls, which isn’t true.
    So I’m a little annoyed at this point. I shredded their check, but I’m annoyed that they think they can bully me into doing anything. How do I get them to just leave me alone?

    • AITpro Admin says:

      Well they are criminals after all so stealing, lying, cheating and bullying come naturally to these types of people. Just ignore them and they will give up their desperate attempts to scare you.

  5. Elisha Davis says:

    Just recently got scammed $1997.00 by doing this. I received 2 Bogus Post Office Money Orders for $998.50 each and was to by $50.00 of merchandise from the electronics dept. at Wal-Mart and then wire transfer $1670.00 to Manila, Philippines to a 1250 zip as someone else also has but a different name. I fell for the scam and am now out the money to pay back to my bank. I reported it to the sheriffs office but unlikely it will get results. If anyone knows a way to recover this lost money please respond. Beware of this scam! If it involves sending money to anyone it’s a ripoff.

  6. Jane Parsons says:

    I just received the $975 check in the mail for the Western Union Secret Shopper – do I notify the police, the bank – is there a 1-800 number. Please advise.

  7. Vee says:

    I received a check from Dawn Houtz and Elizabeth Graham name was on the check, but the check is not signed.

    What should I do?


  8. Melissa Helms says:

    I got a money order in the mail the other day and it looked legit but came to find out that it was not and i got in trouble for certain reasons…. But i think instead of them comming after us cuz we dont know that it is fake they should go after them and make them pay everything it they can make them then they should pay for it all and not getting other people that are inoncent in to trouble….. They should go to jail not us if we dont know that it is fake or not that myster shopper is a scam i just got one like 2 days ago….. they need to go to jail…..

  9. Kevin Gilmore says:

    Just received a check for $2,850.00. Should I call my local athorities? Im suppose to mystery shop Wal mart then send 1900 to Jo Ann Petit in LA. What should I do?

    • AITpro Admin says:

      You could have a little fun with the criminals who sent you the counterfeit check. Call them up and tell them that you cashed the check, but you already spent the money and ask them to send you another check. And of course promise them that this time you will not spend the money. LOL

      • kat says:

        that’s the best-lol-but if you were able to cash money order then you kept the money how much trouble you looking at getting into?

        • AITpro Admin says:

          If you knowingly cash a counterfeit check/money order then you are committing Forgery.

          “Forgery is considered a Class C Felony. You can be sentenced up to 4 years in prison. However, the Court has the discretion to give you 2 years probation (or whatever the Court has in mind), restitution and community service with the stipulation that if restitution and community service aren’t made within a certain amount of time as indicated by the Court, your will be sent to prison to do the full extent of the sentence.”

          Since this Mystery Shopper crime is so common and lots of lowlife scumbag criminals are doing this crime all over the World, most law enforcement agencies are very aware of this common crime and will arrest you, but not for Forgery and not send you to prison. You will obviously need to pay the money back. If you do not pay the money back then you are probably looking at some jail time and not prison time.

          One of the reasons this Mystery Shopper crime works so well is most folks are honest and they assume the check/money order is good. They do not even think about the fact that the check/money order is a fake or counterfeit. It completely changes everything if you think of the check/money order in your hand as counterfeit.

    • Ann Reynolds says:

      Same thing happened to me, only unfortunately, my bank cashed the money order, then charged my account. I contacted the police, they asked for names and addresses. the next day, they forwarded me three more money orders, and the police advised that I dispose of them. My bank wanted information and details, as well. My sender was Lisa Lawson, also in LA. Just expose them to the extent that you can, and hope that they get caught.

    • friscogal says:

      i rec email from Paul a couple of weeks ago and today 2 US postal money orders for 980 for shops at western union and walmart… money order from Charles V Simms in NJ and i am requested to send money to Josylyn Harris in NY. if you look closely at the silver part on the USPS money order, the USPS letters are backwards which is not correct.

  10. edgar gore says:

    I have received an email from paul nicole They misaddressed my fed ex shipment and wish to reship a new check. This is the latest update 7/4/12 1:20 pst

    Hi I received a check for 2980.00 from James Weleter,275 Burnett Ave.,Pasadena,Ca 95037. The internet recruiter is Frank Wright. I received a fed ex overnight envelope containing a cashier’s check from Key bank(written exactly that way…lol)It shows the address of the bank as 468-Corporate Plaza,Burlington Vermont (no zip lol) and below shows it issued by Citibank N. A. One Penn’s Way New Castle,DE 19720 Also Remitter:Delaney Meeting And Event Management. Its a similar scam involving a Wal Mart secret shop of 50.00 in the electronics dept. Then after your Wal Mart shop the next step is a Western Union shop involving sending 2540.00 to Kevin Pitchell,80 David Savage Avenue,Manilla,Phillipine(lol no s) 1250 (zip).A pretty basic letter explains all steps.Of course no letterhead and very basic.The cashier’s check looks legit. Routing number 025161455 031100209 38774212 . I have no question this is fake so beware…I have included the information as a public service. is the email address.Beware of these crooks Beware

    • Kayla says:

      i got the same cashiers check from the same guy. i reported it to the police. as should you

  11. robyn says:

    i just received two checks in the mail for $975 but i know its a scam ! what should i do with them?

    • jenn says:

      I just got a money order for the same amount !! Wonder if it’s from the same people? The address is in Ohio, but the postmark is Tampa, FL.

  12. JOsee says:

    I just got one of those letter and you know how the saying goes “if its sound to good to be true than it probly is” so I call the phone provided and all I was told was to deposit the cheque in my account and then call back for further information “like WTH” does that tell you???? Here is the name of the letter I got “Broadband Collabrotive Solutions inc.” The amount was for $4000 – This is a scam indeed…. I paper shreddred everything.

  13. John says:

    Yeah I got screwed like this too… My fault for not looking in to it further. I was out 1700. An expensive lesson.

  14. mel says:


    • AITpro Admin says:

      Well you should just do the right thing and go back to the check cashing place and tell them that you think the check you cashed was a fake or counterfeit check. By doing this you will avoid legal action against you. The check cashing place is not going to just take the loss without doing anything about it so nope it will not slide under the radar unless they have lost the information about who cashed the check – you. What is interesting is that most check cashing places call the Bank that the check is made out to and verify that the check is valid before cashing it. In any case, if the check is counterfeit then the check cashing place will be out $1,356 and they will try to recover that loss any way they can. In order to make the loss official they are required to report it to the police because they need an official record so that they can claim the loss. What happens after that i am not really sure. If it was me i would just do the right thing. 😉

      • me says:

        i want to do the right thing….but i dont want to get into trouble. i have two little girls i need to take care of. the place i cashed at was heb….they cashed it no questions asked. i mean isnt it HEBs fault for cashing a fraud check??? is there any possibility that the check was somewhat real from some sort of account??? if i call heb now and tell them the situation am i still responsible to pay them back that money?? or are they still going to contact the police?? sorry for all the questions…im scared the police are going to show up at my house and arrest me and take my girls.

        • AITpro Admin says:

          Yep you are right that the check cashing folks are at fault for accepting a counterfeit check, but that still does not change that fact that you cashed a counterfeit / forged check. If you want to try and wait and see what happens then you should be aware of these things below:

          Forgery – a check which is forged (made by someone other than the account holder and without the account holder’s consent) may not be prosecuted as a bad check. It is therefore vital that the payee confirm the identity of the maker of the check at the time the check is presented.

          An arrest warrant is an order of the court directing any duly authorized law enforcement official to arrest the person named in the warrant for the offense charged (in this case the offense of Deposit Account Fraud). The accused will be arrested and, in most instances, allowed to post bond to secure the accused’s appearance at trial.

          In most states, all misdemeanors and felony cases are prosecuted by warrant. The offense of Deposit Account Fraud is a felony where the check is for an amount in excess of five hundred dollars ($500.00) or where the check is drawn on an out of state bank, regardless of the amount of the check.

          • btot says:

            hey i recently did this shoppers thing last week, and now it just came bac on scared,what shall i only 20yrs old and i bank with first south credit union.i am so afraid.i go to school n i would hate to loose my life over someone,do u think my bank will understand

            what did the bank do,did u gt charged from police.

            i dont want any charges AGainst my record,id be looked down on at church n school

        • jennifer says:

          hey i hate to say but the law states your resposable for it. i had a check went to bank with hopes of cashing it and when i got there i asked tellers if they could take a closer look at it and foound out it was a scam. they explianed to me since i signed it i endorsed it. signing the back states that your rsponsable for the check wiether bounced or not, the only way you wont get in alot of trouble is go back to the check place and tell them what happend. unfortuantly if you have spent the money they are going to want it back, you maybe able to set up a payment plan to avoid athorities. good luck!

  15. Mugzy says:

    My son just got a job offer from and of course the bogus check has already been cashed. I advised him to call his bank right away to let them know it is likely a bad cheque. I thought I’d add the email above to your list of comments in the event someone else get scammed by the same guy.

    Thanks for doing a great public service!

  16. Muks says:

    Hey I got ripped of because of counterfeit check scam and now I have lost $9000. Is there anyway by which I can recover this money. Please help me….. Please

    • AITpro Admin says:

      Hire an ex-military guy who knows how to do special ops or a PI. It will cost you a fair amount of money to do this so unless you are very serious about finding the criminals then you should probably just accept the loss. Sorry to hear that you got scammed. Karma will catch up with the criminals – it always does – all criminals end up in Prison or are killed by cops or by other criminals.

  17. t says:

    I am in London, UK and i have received several emails requesting me to be a mystery shopper and be paid £350 to transfer some money to a western union and check the service in a restaurant too. I replied and said i would do it, as i am previously registered on a legitimate mystery shoppers website already(although they don’t offer nearly as high pay), so i just assumed it was legitimate too. However, today i have received a suspicious cheque in the post for £1700, it is from a bank not too far from me and actually the same bank i use.
    What should i do? please help!

    • AITpro Admin says:

      Call the bank that is on the check and ask them to verify that the check is valid. They will ask you for the serial number on that check. The serial number will either be valid or fake.

  18. MommaGreen4 says:

    I got a letter n mail & tryed 2 cash it & the bank took it lol then i called the that was on the letter & informed them & they assured me it wasent a scam & wanted the # 2 the bank. Did i do the right thing????

    • AITpro Admin says:

      Did you call the bank that the check was made out from? Your bank will not make the call to the bank on the check and will cash it assuming that you have handed them a valid check. If the check is counterfeit, then when it bounces you will have to pay that money back to your bank or go on the run and skip town. LOL

  19. Carl Brown says:

    I would like to know if you can email to me the way that you all track these criminals so I can begin tracking for myself. A love one of mine was scammed by these people, so if you can’t tell us openly then can you please tell me privately?

    • AITpro Admin says:

      First before I tell you what is involved I have some questions for you. The task you would be taking on would be a sting or special op that requires knowledge of actually doing these without breaking the law yourself. Watching CSI episodes does not count. 😉
      How much time are you willing to put into putting the criminals in jail? You can expect to spend a minimum of 7 days / 30-50 hours.
      How much money are you willing to spend to put the criminals in jail? You can expect to spend anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000.
      Do you have an Ex-law enforcement connections or Ex-military connections? I am Ex-military and have first hand knowledge of special ops – Recon Cav Scout.

      If you are looking for something simple and easy then forget about trying to catch them. It takes time and patience to play on the criminals greed so that they become careless and make the necessary mistakes that will enable you to actually track them and put them behind bars. And no I would not be interested in joining the mission. 😉

  20. Sue says:

    Who is the original email coming from?

  21. Joe says:

    I recently got an email about being a mystery shopper, i was excited because I have heard about this before and heard of a few people actually getting a decent job out of the deal. Anyways, a few days later I got a moneygram money order in the mail, from Hawaii, and a letter stating to cash it anywhere, and send some to the phillipines, doesn’t say how much to keep or how much to send. it is for 985.00. I have checked all the security marks on it and it seems to be real. I haev already cashed it and still have all the money sitting here as we speak. What do I do? Keep it and see how much I can get saved and see how deep I can get into this? I am confused, I have read several good things and several bad things. Please help.
    Joe in Texas

    • AITpro Admin says:

      You should probably call the place where you cashed the money order and let them know that you think it was a counterfeit money order. Or you could just wait until the police come knocking on your door to arrest you. No legitimate Mystery Shopper gig will pay you prior to the job being completed or ask you to wire money.

    • jane says:

      my bank cashed the money and a week later told me the postal money orders were bogus and then they used my overdraft protection from my line of credit to pay into my acct that is now negative and i am stuck paying the bank back…i know it is my fault ofr being a sucker and falling for what i thought was a real job, but also the bank has no way to tell if a postal money order is legit until it is too late…go figure…when they can tell if a 50 or hundred dollar bill is fake but not a seemingly real postal (federal? money order…i am upset but figure it happened for a reason, and i need to just deal with it…i can’t trace the scammers…

      • AITpro Admin says:

        Sorry you got scammed. Banks operate under the assumption that you are asking them to cash a legitimate check based on your credibility as an account holder at your bank. The responsibility of verifying that the check is legit falls on you. You can ask your Bank at the time you are cashing a check to verify that it is legitimate. They will call the bank that is on the check and verify that the serial numbers are legit. If you do not ask them to do this then they will not verify that the check is legitimate. That is what makes this type of criminal act so successful.

        Unless the $$$ amount that they ripped you off for is over a $3,000, then it is not worth the time, effort and money required to track them down and put them behind bars. That of course is another reason this type of crime is so successful. Once again sorry you got scammed. Karma will take care of the criminals. You cannot escape Karma – It is only a matter of time before it catches up with them.

  22. Arman says:

    I also got the same cheque from these scammers which has a value of $1850. what should I do now? I have the cheque with me? Should I report it or tear up the cheque and throw it up in the garbage?

    • AITpro Admin says:

      Well if the postmark is from the same Country you are in then the police might be interested, but these guys intentionally send these counterfeit checks to other Countries because they know the police will not get involved. If the check has your name on it be sure to tear it up or burn it. 😉

      • Arman says:

        Thank you for that. They are continuously sending me emails regarding that I have received their package and now what should I do?

        • AITpro Admin says:

          Well most people will advise you to just ignore them. I personally like to lead them on and play with their minds. Getting them arrested is too time consuming so i don’t bother with that anymore. So the choice is up to you.

  23. Donna says:

    I received an invitation to become a mystery shopper from the “Fenix Research”. It was a Canadian postmark. Their was a check for $2560.00 enclosed from Lippmann with an address in Wisconsin. When I googled it, their were 2 scams reported in Cudahy WI with a street name address the same as on the check except for one digit difference in street number. The scams reported 2271 East Van Norman Ave. The check I got was 3271 East Van Norman Ave. When I checked with BBB this Lippmann Inc. With the same address as on the check they had an A+ credit rating since February 17, 2012. The research company I couldn’t find anything on when I googled it. It was in Boston MA. However I was only instructed to send 1,.00 (that is the way bit was written about 2times in the letter), keep 300.00 for my assignment, $161.00 for the charge to send 1,.00 to a second mystery shopper (my “partner”). That is less than $500.00. What do I do with the rest. I know it is a scam, and I’m not going to do anything with it, but I wish their was someway to stop these people.

    • AITpro Admin says:

      If they are asking you to wire money, which is untraceable, then it is a scam. No reputable or legitimate Mystery Shopper offer is going to require that you wire money.

  24. Sarah says:

    How am I the one getting ripped off? It’s not my Money they are taking. I just got one of these letters in the mail with a check for $900. What would happen is I did go and try to cash it?

    • AITpro Admin says:

      You would be cashing a counterfeit or bad check. So if you cashed it at your Bank then they will require that you return the money that they gave you to them once they figure out it is counterfeit. Or if you cash it at a check cashing place then once they figure out it is counterfeit they will try to recover the money any way they can. Some people have been arrested and gone to jail on forgery charges for cashing counterfeit checks even though they did not know they were counterfeit or bad checks.

  25. Angela Smith says:

    I got the same letter regarding Western Union and Secret Shopper, and a lot of things made me suspicious, so I won’t even go into that, only I had two money orders in the amount of $975.35 from Lisa Cox in San Jose, CA.
    After researching I am assuming the money orders are counterfeit. They appear to be postal money orders.
    Who do I report this to?

    • AITpro Admin says:

      Hi Angela,

      Unfortunately the way the system is currently designed for reporting these types of crimes is that you can report the crime after it has already happened to you. The only agency that might be interested in hearing about it before the crime has happened to you would be the FBI. Unfortunately they do not handle single cases and are only interested if the criminals have already ripped off enough people to draw attention to them. The problem lies in trying to track the criminals. Most of these criminals are careful not to give away their exact whereabouts. Tricking them into getting that information is something you would have to do yourself. Once you have enough of a lead for local authorities to follow then they might be interested in capturing the criminals. This is the approach we took and it was successful. Thanks.

  26. Cindy Yang says:

    A little help please…to be honest i’m not even sure. I’ve received a check for $1449 and it deals with Western Union. However I’ve already deposited the check….what should I do? Can someone help me?

    • AITpro Admin says:

      Call your bank immediately and inform them that you mistakenly deposited a counterfeit check. They will not penalize you for this. As long as you have not sent any money to the counterfeiters then you will not have to pay back the money to cover the counterfeit check. Thanks.

  27. Patricia says:

    Just received a cashier’s “check” in the mail. There is a Canadian stamp on the envelope, the letter purports to be from Flora Research Inc., but get this address: 6750 SW 60h Street South Miami, Miami FL 33143. Seems to me the street name is too long. The letter, using bad grammar, is inviting me to be a shopper, first evaluating Western Union. The check is drawn on a Winslow AZ Bank. Very strange.
    When I searched for Flora Research Inc online, I got one hit on Google under Corporation Wiki. It seems they have lots of “companies” besides this one. The President and Treasurer is Sarah Louden. She signed the letter also as Public Relation (sic) Officer.
    I hope no one gets taken in by these phony “job invitations.”

    • Patricia Heston says:

      There is a cancer research company where I am a patient called flora research and an immigration market research company called flora research in Miami. The two are unrelated. In fact, when I googles to find the number of my treatment center for colon cancer, I stumbled upon the wrong number and accidentally called the Miami company. The man didn’t speak english and he was yelling at me telling me he would call the cops. Whe I finally did get in touch with the real flora, I told them about it. The two are no way related and I want to make that clear so patients like me don’t get scared off from life saving treatment.

  28. Susie says:

    I just received to checks in the mail fro almost $2000 to do a mystery shop with Western Union. I will not cash them I believe they are counterfeit. what should I do with the checks?

    • AITpro Admin says:

      Well if you want to know for 100% sure that they are counterfeit checks then just contact the bank that is listed on the checks. They can verify that the serial numbers on the check are fake and most likely the whole look of the counterfeit check is different. ie color, layout, etc. other than that just tear em up. Thanks.

  29. Sarah Koch says:

    This happening to me right now. I’m going to be receiving a check tomorrow. I am suppose to take 250 for myself then wire the rest to whom ever from a western union.Then I’m too evaluate my experience. I’ve thought this was fake from the get go, but I wanted to play along for a while. Once I receive the check I’ll be calling the police. I hope we can find this asshole before he screws over a lot of people!

    • AITpro Admin says:

      Yep these people are complete scum. The first thing you will want to check is the post mark to see where the criminal is working from. If it is another country then it is going to be really tough to get the police interested unless you have a lead on where the criminal is located exactly. Obviously they are not going to tell you that information. If the criminal is based in the same country that you are in then you have a good shot at catching him. I’m rooting for you. Good luck.

  30. CherylInDelaware says:

    If I get an email requesting that I send funds overseas, I treat the email as spam. I really dislike foreigners anyway.

  31. CherylInDelaware says:

    Three years ago, I got swindled by these crooks. Now, if anything comes to me in the mail from Canada, I look it over carefully. If the logo looks funny, if they want me to send money to a fake address in Canada or pretend to be somebody I’m not, I’ll just tear up the check into little bitty pieces and throw it in the trash. I’ll save the phone number from the checks; I’ll call them up and tell them to go out of business.

    • AJ says:

      What do you do if this happens to you? I just figured it out today.
      Very anxious about it.
      Please help

      • AITpro Admin says:

        Well the system is designed so that you can report the crime after the fact. So if you are happy with just telling someone official that you got ripped off so they can create a report and file it away never to be looked at again then give them a call. Or if you want to catch the criminals you have to take matters into your own hands and take action to track them down. If enough money was stolen from you and you have some sort of trail to follow then you could hire a private detective. The regular law agencies will not assist you unless you can give them a very solid lead as i did with the guys i put away in Canada. Thanks.

  32. Mikhail says:

    Western Union is engaged in corporate scam. Click here to learn more

  33. Mystery Shoppers | Secret Shopper Jobs says:

    […] Mystery Shopper Scam | Western Union Scam | Counterfeit Check Scam | Fake Check Scam – Busted […]

  34. Shan Belding says:

    Glad you didn’t fall for it! Thousands of people do. We get calls on a regular basis (because the scammers will use our company name to sound legit), and have head some heart-wrenching stories. One note – our understanding is that the actual criminals are typically based out of West Africa – Nigeria, etc. they are using stolen cell phones with Canadian numbers.

    Thanks for the vigilence – These scamnmers are a blight on a legitimate and fun business!

    • AITpro Admin says:

      Hi Shan,
      Unfortunately the Western Union counterfeit check scam and these types of criminals have continued to spread to other countries including the US. I completely expected these criminals to be operating out of Nigeria, West Africa or South Africa after speaking to them for the first time. I am by no means a rascist, but the criminal’s accent is clearly an African accent. I cannot disclose how these criminals were tracked, but I can tell you the counterfeit checks originated from London, Ontario, Canada. The criminals movements have been tracked to a 150 mile radius, activity was monitored in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. These criminals may also have been crossing the Canadian border at times via the Buffalo – Niagra border crossing stations. The information I have disclosed in my videos has been edited and the first call has not been used at all so as not to give away how these particular criminals were tracked. I would like to share that info, but what is more important is that the methods used to track these particular criminals remains effective in catching other criminals committing this crime. I can tell you this – GPS cell tracking was not used, as it is ineffective and obviously a level of technology that these types of criminals comprehend.

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