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Whats New In BulletProof Security Pro 12.9/12.9.1

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Published: April 19, 2017
Updated: July 28, 2019


• BugFix: PHP Error Logging not working. Removed error_reporting(0) condition from BPS Pro MU Tools file. The PHP Error Log Test Error Log button has been re-enabled for PHP Error Log testing.


• New Option:
 Plugin Firewall Test Mode: A new Test Mode button has been added to the Plugin Firewall settings. Clicking the Test Mode button will allow you to check the frontend of your website as if you are visitor to your website to check for any problems or errors. You do not need to check the backend wp-admin Dashboard of your site. AutoPilot Mode is also enabled when you are in Test Mode. Plugin Firewall AutoPilot Mode will automatically create any new Plugin Firewall whitelist rules (once every 1 minute in Test Mode) for frontloading plugin scripts on the frontend of your website while Test Mode is turned On. Clicking the Plugin Firewall Activate or Deactivate button turns Off Plugin Firewall Test Mode. The BPS Pro Dashboard Status Display will display: PFW: Test Mode : 1 Min : 00:00 AM when Test Mode is turned On.

• Enhancement: Dashboard Status Display: Question mark icon CSS hover Tooltip added for ARQ Pending status. Icon displays help info when hovered.

• Enhancement: New System Info checks: cURL version and cURL OpenSSL Version (Used by PayPal, etc.).

• Improvement: BPS Pro MU Tools must-use plugin Enable|Disable Action Links created to disable or enable the BPS Pro MU Tools must-use plugin.

• Procedural: Unlink the BPS Pro MU Tools file on BPS Pro plugin deletion.

• Procedural: Setup Wizard: wp-admin htaccess file added to automated root htaccess file backup and zip download.

• Procedural: Plugin Firewall AutoPilot Mode: New conditional filter added to check and filter out Security Log entries where plugin script paths in other plugins are invalid/bad. Prevents nuisance Security Log entries from being processed by AutoPilotMode.

• Nuisance BugFix: Plugin Firewall AutoPilot Mode: New conditional filter added to check and filter out Security Log entries where the URI points directly to the root /plugins/ folder. Prevents nuisance Security Log entries from being processed by AutoPilotMode.

• Improvement: Replace: $_SERVER[QUERY_STRING] superglobal with parse_url() PHP_URL_QUERY component to get Query String logging field values in all logging templates and logging code.
• Dev Note: Files affected: 400.php, 403.php, 404.php, 405.php, 410.php, Isl-logout.php, bps-maintenance.php, login-security.php.

• Improvement: Setup Wizard successful completion message now includes a link to the AutoRestore|Quarantine Guide (ARQ IDPS) Forum Topic.

• Improvement: BPS Pro Activation: Procedural check/notification added for website domain URL changes. If/when a website domain URL changes a new BPS Pro Activation Key must be requested for the new website domain URL change.

• Improvement: BPS Pro Activation: Additional error checks added to Activation Forms for common issues/problems.

• Improvement: AutoRestore Automation: Prevent BPS Pro plugin deactivation email alerts from being sent when the BPS Pro plugin is being upgraded.

• Change|Revert BugFix: Logging Timestamps: “Last Modified Time” timestamps have been reverted back to Military time format due to problems with certain i18n Timezone settings.

• BugFix: ARQ single file exclude condition/rule fix for special website files: root htaccess file, wp-config.php, root index.php, wp-blog-header.php and wp-admin htaccess file. Fixes both Live Hosted and Local Dev problems with excluding these special files from being checked by ARQ.
• Dev Note: Slash filters created for all server path types. WPEngine mysql.sql file exclude condition changed and moved to Iterator.

• BugFix: JTC Comment Form CSS Styling option fix for non-logged in users.

• BugFix: CSS fix for BPS Pro Activation Key error on Setup Wizard page.

• BugFix: PHP Error Log: stripslashes added to PHP Error Log Location Set To option for XAMPP, MAMP, WAMP Local Development servers.

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