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Whats New In BulletProof Security Pro 12.8

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Published: March 15, 2017
Updated: March 15, 2017

• Procedural Prevention:
 ARQ Automation Race condition fix: Additional conditions added to AJAX Actions for Shiny Updates when multiple plugins or themes are updated in rapid succession without allowing a previous plugin or theme update to complete or sequentially allowing previous plugin or theme updates to complete, but before previous plugin or theme update sequence was completed by ARQ Automation.

• Dev Note: When the ARQ Status DB value is On the ARQ Status DB value will be updated again as On instead of using the current DB value of the ARQ Cron to avoid any/all potential race conditions. The ARQ Status timestamp will be updated with the current time of the last plugin or theme update performed in all scenarios. Note: WP AJAX allows parallel updating.
• Rapid Succession Update Sequence: AJAX => AJAX => upgrader_pre_install => upgrader_post_install => upgrader_pre_install => upgrader_post_install => AFS Cron
• Sequential Update Sequence: AJAX => upgrader_pre_install => upgrader_post_install => AJAX => upgrader_pre_install => upgrader_post_install => AFS Cron

• Enhancement: ARQ Troubleshooting: Renaming or deleting the BPS Pro plugin folder turns AutoRestore Off. This is a simpler method of turning AutoRestore Off vs using the XTF Form when troubleshooting ARQ issues/problems. An email alert is sent to you and a Security Log entry is created when the BPS Pro plugin folder is renamed or deleted. This serves the dual purpose of notifying you if the BPS Pro plugin folder has been renamed or deleted for any reason. An email alert is also sent to you and a Security Log entry is created when the BPS Pro plugin is deactivated.

• Enhancement: Dashboard Status Display: Question mark icon added for when ARQ is in Pending status. Icon displays help info when hovered.

• Improvement: Do not send AutoRestore|Quarantine is Turned Off email alerts or log the automated ARQ Turn Off event when performing Manual, Shiny or Automatic Core, Plugin or Theme installations or updates.

• Improvement: Warning error message displayed on the WordPress Dashboard > Updates page when the BPS Pro plugin is deactivated or AutoRestore is turned Off. AutoRestore Automation will only work if the BPS Pro plugin is activated and AutoRestore is turned On. AutoRestore Automation automatically turns ARQ Off, backs up all new files and turns ARQ On during WP Core, Plugin and Theme installations and updates.

• Improvement: Change date/time timestamp format for various features. Note: Where visual space is limited, i18n code is not used – Numeric Date format and Military time format is used. All other areas of BPS Pro where visual space is not an issue – i18n code will continue to be used. Numeric Date and Military Time Format: 3-11-2017 15:45:40. I18n Format: based on individual WP time/date settings. Note: All Logging pages “Last Modified Time” timestamps have been changed from Military time to i18n format. Note: The Quarantine DB table and DB Backup DB table will continue to use and display the default MySQL Datetime format: 2017-03-12 15:45:00.

• Enhancement: BPS Pro version number added to Quarantine Log entries.

• Enhancement: New Dismiss Notice that checks if the DISABLE_WP_CRON constant is in use, which disables all Standard WP Crons. Several BPS Pro features use Standard WP Crons. If a plugin is being used that disables Standard WP Crons and uses Direct Cron Jobs instead then this Dismiss Notice can be dismissed.

• Enhancement: New Dismiss Notice that checks if the WP-Cron Control plugin is installed. Dismiss Notice is displayed on the WordPress Plugins page when a new BPS Pro upgrade is available. The WP-Cron Control plugin blocks BPS Pro upgrades from being installed and needs to be temporarily deactivated in order for the BPS Pro upgrade installation to complete successfully.

• Enhancement: System Info check added. Check if Standard WP Crons are disabled using the DISABLE_WP_CRON constant.

• Improvement: Get Activation Key fsockopen error message: Link added to forum topic with possible causes and troubleshooting steps.

• Change|Update: Sucuri plugin Restrict wp-content access Hardening Option Dismiss Notice conditional check changed to match newer Sucuri htaccess file changes.

• Procedural Rebuild: DB String Finder Pro-Tool rebuilt. Now displays search results as Arrays instead of formatted HTML tables.

• BugFix: CSS margin fix for Scheduled Crons Pro-Tool table.

• Procedural: New Dismiss Notice created for the Endurance Page Cache (EPC) must-use plugin.
• Forum Topic:

• Dev Note: Update the AITpro API server URL to https in the class.php Master Backup file on BPS Pro upgrade.

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