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Whats New In BulletProof Security Pro 9.2

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Published: August 11, 2014
Updated: August 11, 2014

Minor Version Release: BPS Pro 9.2

Login Security & Monitoring New Options/Enhancements/Code Corrections:

Turn Off Login Security and Use the Password Reset Option ONLY:

The Turn Off Login Security/Use Password Reset Option ONLY setting means that all Login Security features are turned Off except for the Password Reset Option, which can be used independently by itself. After making any setting changes click the Save Options button to save your new option settings.

Sort DB Rows: 

The Ascending Show Oldest Login First option displays logins from the oldest logins to your site to the newest logins to your site. The Descending Show Newest Login First option displays logins from the newest logins to your site to the oldest logins to your site. Example usage: Enter 50 for the Max DB Rows To Show option, which will show a maximum of 50 database rows/logins to your site and set Sort DB Rows option to Descending Show Newest Login First. You will see the last 50 most current/newest logins to your site in descending order.

Login Security BugFix/Code Correction/Enhancements: 

BugFix: The Lost your password link was not being displayed when Login Security was turned Off and is now displayed when Login Security is turned Off.

Enhancement: CSS max-height changed from 1000px to 600px for the scrollable dynamic DB table. 600px is a much better / more manageable viewing area.

Plugin Firewall & Plugin Firewall Error Checking/Enhancements/Improvements:

Improvements to Plugin Firewall Core code when retrieving, writing & checking domain labels and Proxy IP addresses. Additional refined error checking for domains with 3+ labels and sites behind Proxies. For folks with 3+ domain label naming conventions such as: www.label1.label2.label3 a new error check will be displayed with instructions on how to correct a minor issue with 3+ domain label naming conventions. Error: Minor Plugin Firewall Code Correction Needed. To correct the Plugin Firewall code, do the Plugin Firewall setup steps below. etc. etc. etc.

BPS Pro Core/Visual/Other/Misc:

Displayed Alerts Visual Display:

All displayed alerts will now display below the WP Dashboard Status Display with the exception of the Root and wp-admin .htaccess file alerts.

GMT Timestamp Synchronization Additional Core Checking/Enhancements: 

Additional automated DB option and enhancements to GMT timestamp synchronization automation and checking.

Setup Wizard Change: 

Login Security & Monitoring options are no longer reset to default settings when re-running the Setup Wizard. Login Security & Monitoring option settings will be retained.

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