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Whats New In BulletProof Security Pro 9.1

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Published: July 14, 2014
Updated: October 13, 2014


Minor Version Release: BPS Pro 9.1

BugFixes/Code Corrections/Misc/CSS/Visual/Other:

• DB Backup Read Me help text addition: 404 error when trying to download a backup zip file help text addition
• DB Backup: backticks added to DB Backup Query to allow for hyphenated or other special characters in DB naming conventions.
• DB Backup dynamic DB table: max-height CSS change
• Error Message correction: Notice: Several Query String Exploits rules were changed…
• htaccess RFI Whitespace filter writing: options.php and wizard.php code corrections.
• Plugin files quarantined during upgrade: Permanently fixed by creating an additional ARQ failsafe, which prevents the ARQ Cron from running until all BPS Pro upgrade steps have been performed.
• UI icon image files missing: Missing image files for Grey and Black UI Themes have been added.
• Login Security CSS auto-scroll: max-height CSS change
• DB Table Prefix Changer: Additional check for writable files for DSO server types.
• Root and wp-admin filter change: The filter was previously changed in BPS Pro 9.0, but issues/problems were found with the filter. The filter has been changed again in 9.1.
• ARQ Cron job: Unschedule last/pending Cron job on ARQ turn off to terminate any pending scheduled cron jobs from running.
• Log timestamps synchronized to GMT: All log timestamps are now synchronized to GMT time.

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