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BPS Pro Testimonials

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Published: July 13, 2012
Updated: March 8, 2014

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7 Comments to “BPS Pro Testimonials”

  1. kayache says:

    I tend to go overboard with things like security and BPS PRO does virtually everything that I need in a single plugin. I am especially happy that It monitors files for changes (as when you’ve been hacked) and not only notifies you but also automatically quarantines the suspect file and reverts to the good original! That and the multitude of other protections makes me feel confident in my website’s security.

    But I’m writing here mainly to say that the quick response to questions has been an unexpected pleasure and the real value of the purchase to me. Especially since all of this – websites, BPS PRO, WordPress, php – is new to me and I’ve needed the help. Thanks for such a great product and fantastic support.

  2. Dave Adams says:

    My website lives in a very hostile environment. It was attacked majorly and it was clear I had to do some sort of serious lockdown. After evaluating a number of plugins, I settled on Bullet Proof Security. And I have no regrets. Best security decision I have ever made.

    In the world of plugins, there are some companies that spend a lot of money on marketing but at AIT Pro, it is clear that they have made good quality software their priority.

    Sure BPS is complicated but the support exceeds any plugin I have ever used. The documentation is detailed and throughout and it is clear that these guys have a wealth of knowledge and experience that is beyond what you would expect.

    Good work guys and I hope you do well because you have a huge fan base and growing.

    Dave Adams
    Ottawa Ontario
    Chair of the Ottawa WordPress Meetup.

  3. Nati says:

    Hi Every One,

    I would like to say to every one that is thinking buying BPS pro or upgrading that the support team for the bps pro plug in is one of the best i ever seen online.

    Highly professional and worth every $$ and much more.

    Thanks Guys.

  4. Netanel says:

    Hi every one,
    I bought BPS Pro 2 months ago and using it ever since. Yesterday i received a notification i didn’t understand and had a problem with the why i was using the plug in.

    I contacted the plug in support team and was answered by Mr Edward Alexander. I would like to say that the i received the best tech support service ever recived from any paid service i’m using.

    Edward was highly professional and help to fix my problem and even other issuses in my word press site that needed fixing.

    i would like to recommended the plug in for every one how thinks on buying or using any security plug in for word press. The plug in is very good and the tech support is amazing.


  5. Ban says:

    Just got to say that the technical support , communication , response time and knowledge is excellent.

    It’s nice to have somebody who does care about your technical problem, this guy acted swiftly and even configured my settings for me.

    I would definitely recommend BPS security , you can’t go wrong !

  6. I come by way of Better WP Security.
    I had a love hate relationship with this plugin. Mainly for poor support when I ran into trouble. The plugin is does have a easier setup than this one. But, it is by far not as secure. This plugin has an incredible response time for helping you out, when you run into difficulties, but once it is setup. It is like have Fort Knocks standing by your site. Please do not hesitate in purchasing and installing this plugin, For having a site broken into, out ways the cost and time that you will be spending.
    There is plenty of support in guiding you on configuring this plugin.
    I am not paid, or have any relationship with this plugin. So, my views are truly on my own. But I feel that as an independent, that I I should let people know about the worthiness of this plugin.

  7. Jean-Piere says:

    I am really impressed with the plugin thus far. I’m a true minimalist when it comes to plugin use in WP but this definitely makes the list. All the security you need in one place. Totally worth every penny and then some.

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