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Whats New In BulletProof Security Pro 5.1.3

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Published: January 3, 2012
Updated: January 3, 2012

BulletProof Security Pro 5.1.3 Released 1-02-2012

Whats new in BPS 5.1.3
The primary focus of the BPS Pro 5.1.3 was to continue to add more Automation. BPS is now checking DNS to get your Web Host in order to automatically write the correct custom php.ini handler code for B-Core AutoMagic. We currently have a list of 20 Web Hosts so far. Go to the B-Core or P-Security Help & FAQ pages and click on this link AutoMagic php.ini Handler Web Hosts List. If your Web Host is not listed on this BPS Web Host List then send us an email at and we will add your Web Host to the list and add your custom php.ini handler .htaccess code to B-Core AutoMagic. We are also adding Private Name Servers to AutoMagic. If you have a Private Name Server send an email to us and we will add it. Even if your Web Host does not require php.ini handler code for .htaccess file we would still like to know what Web Host you are using. If you would like to test B-Core AutoMagic to check if it is writing the correct php.ini handler .htaccess code (if your web host requires this code) we would appreciate your feedback to confirm that BPS is seeing your Web Host correctly and writing the correct php.ini handler .htaccess code required for your Web Host. Thank you.
Pro-Tools New DNS Finder Tool:
This tool will find all DNS records by domain name. We are using this tool to help us put together the list of Web Hosts that BPS automatically writes php.ini handler .htaccess code for so we thought someone else might find this tool handy as well.
Pop Up Confirm Messages:
Several new pop up confirm messages have been added throughout BPS Pro for forms that perform critical operations.
403 BlackHole Template Issues:
The BPS 403 BlackHole template was not playing nice with plugins using session_start and session_cache_limiter and was generating some irritating php errors. This has been corrected with new coding in the 403 BlackHole Template.
Additional SAPIs Added:
Several new Server API types have been added to CGI and DSO checking to more accurately determine whether your Server is using CGI or DSO.
Read Me & Additional Help Info & Better Error Messages Added:
The jQuery Dialog Read Me Help buttons throughout BPS have been updated with clearer help info and some new Help links have been added to Help & FAQ pages. BPS displayed error messages have been made clearer as well. Some of them were previously very large / long and have been shortened.

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