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Whats New In BulletProof Security Pro 5.1.2

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Published: December 16, 2011
Updated: December 16, 2011

BulletProof Security Pro 5.1.2 Released 12-15-2011


General BPS Pro Info:
There are several first time and one time set up steps for First Time Installations of BPS Pro. Future upgrades of BPS Pro are very quick and simple.
BPS Pro checks everything in real time so there is no need to worry about forgetting to set something up or setting something up incorrectly. If something is not set up or is set up incorrectly you will see an alert or warning about what needs to be done to correct the problem.
When upgrading BPS Pro, ONLY the BPS Pro plugin files are updated / upgraded. This means that all of your settings and security files (.htaccess and php.ini) remain unchanged and are not affected by installing a newer version of BPS Pro.
Custom php.ini file creation and set up is a one time thing per hosting account. When you create your new custom php.ini file in your Document Root folder it protects all of your websites under your Hosting account. You only need to create 1 custom php.ini file for your entire Hosting account.
PHP Errors are a normal thing that occur on all websites intermittently. PHP errors were already occurring on your website befoe you installed BPS Pro, but you were not being alerted about them. With BPS installed you are now being alerted about these PHP errors. If you do not want to be alerted about PHP errors then you can turn this alert off on the S-Monitor page by choosingTurn Off Displayed Alerts for the PHP Error Log: New Errors in The PHP Error Log alerting option.
First Time Installation of BPS Pro: When installing BPS Pro for the first time you will see alerts and warnings that your site is not protected. Unfortunately, this is necessary thing in order to ensure that you are using the latest BPS Pro Master .htaccess files on your website. Your website is ALWAYS protected with BPS security no matter what unless you actually change something to unprotect your website, such as putting your website in Default Mode. When upgrading BPS Pro, ONLY the BPS Pro plugin files are updated / upgraded. This means that all of your settings and security files (.htaccess and php.ini) remain unchanged and are not affected by installing a newer version of BPS Pro. If you have created additional files within the BPS Pro plugin folders they are NOT affected by upgrading BPS Pro and will NOT be removed, deleted or overwritten. The upgrade will ONLY overwrite BPS Pro plugin files so if you have added additional custom coding to any BPS Pro plugin files then be sure to back them up first before upgrading. BPS Pro Log files WILL be overwritten so if you want to keep your old php error log and http error log (403 error log) files then be sure to use BPS Pro Zip backup to backup your current version of BPS Pro first before upgrading to a new version. When Activating new Master .htaccess files for your website (Activating BulletProof Mode) be sure to back up your old .htaccess files first using the BPS built-in Backup and Restore feature. Another very handy options is to save any custom .htaccess code in-between upgrades to the My Notes page. This allows you to copy and permanently save any custom .htaccess code or .htaccess code modifications that you have added to your .htaccess files so that you can quickly copy that custom .htaccess code back to your new Master .htaccess files before activating them. You could copy your entire Root .htaccess file to the My Notes page if you want as well.
Whats new in BPS 5.1.2
The primary focus of the BPS Pro 5.1.2 was to remove the old Read Me Hover Tooltips and replace them with jQuery UI Dialog Read Me Help windows. The Read Me Help windows are draggable, resizable, scrollable and you can copy and paste the text from the Help window. In a later version of BPS Pro Language Translation will be performed for BPS Pro and the Help text will display in your preferred language. If the jQuery UI Dialog Read Me help window is not displaying correctly right after your upgrade then Refresh your Browser window.

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11 Comments to “Whats New In BulletProof Security Pro 5.1.2”

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  3. rk says:


    Just got the notice about 5.1.2 and having difficulty to find a *clear* step-by-step upgrade procedure. At the moment I uploaded a zip-ed package to WP and installed it – shows up as second BPS Pro plugin installed 🙁

    Any help would be appreciated. I know I can delete the old install, but then it would delete all the settings, wouldn’t it?


    • AITpro Admin says:

      Yes this is a known issue when using the WP PCLZIP installer. Please see this help info >>>

      Thank you

      • rk says:

        Thanks, it worked. Now I know for sure what backup/restore options and commands are for 🙂

        A bit of feedback, if you don’t mind: I always like to see a version in the file name, so I renamed the new file to add 5.1.2 to it (to avoid the conflict between the old version). Turned out the uploader did not recognized it. Should be an easy fix, if you deem this of any importance.

        On another note, I had a hard time setting the plugin up (and still not sure if I did it the right/best/optimal/etc. way). The instructions seem to be there (pop-up thingies), but to me they more for programmer types, which I am not (even tho I do have a technical degree). Would have loved to have a clear set of instructions for laymen 🙂

        • AITpro Admin says:

          Yep the file uploader is very restrictive and limited at this point. Uploading is the most dangerous thing you can have on a website so for that reason the BPS Pro uploader is very restrictive. We will be adding additional coding to give folks more options. The projected version for this coding enhancement is 5.1.4.

          Yep the first time set up right now in 5.1.2 is not automated enough and displayed messages are not as exact as they will be in 5.1.3. We are focusing on Automation now and with that new automation comes less displayed messages for first time installation. There is a fair amount of things to get set up for a new first time installation, but upgrades are quick and simple, taking 1-2 minutes and not requiring any additional set up. And we will be creating new video tutorials when 5.1.3 is released. Thank you.

  4. Kaution says:

    First off, I want to thank you for your project on bullet proof for wordpress! I did by the pro version and will highly recommend it! I do have a question though. I understand that the php.ini on my godaddy hosting will infact work on all sites of my hosting account.

    Will the root .htaccess also protect a second wordpress installation in a sub directory? I have scoured the web and cannot find an answer… What I want to do is have two independent installs of wordpress (Not multi site). Example: My main site is and my second site (Which I want password protected from the public) would be


    Do I have to install bps on the second install ( in it’s entirety?

    I was worried about .htaccess conflicts.

    Thanx! 🙂

    • AITpro Admin says:

      Yep you are correct, the 1 custom php.ini file in the Document Root directory of your Hosting account will protect all of your websites under your Hosting account.

      .htaccess files are specific to each WordPress site. When you install WordPress in a sub directory it has its own core files and its Database. And yes you would have to have a separate installation of BPS Pro for each website. You only need to set up the B-Core .htaccess stuff for additional websites since the custom php.ini set up is a one time thing for life that protects all or your websites under your hosting account. With GoDaddy hosting be sure to uncomment the php handler code in your root .htaccess file for this additional sub directory website. This php handler code step will be automated in the next version release of BPS Pro. I just added these simplified B-Core setup steps here >>>


      • kaution says:

        Thanx for the quick reply! 🙂 When you say ‘Uncomment the php handler’, are you talking about the .htaccess file in the main site “’ or the .htaccess in the site in the sub directory “

        I was confused when you used the word ‘root’. I wasn’t sure if you meant the root of the main site or the root of the subdirectory site! lol I don’t know which one to uncomment thephp handler in. 🙁

        • AITpro Admin says:

          Actually you need a php handler for all of your sites so you would uncomment the GoDaddy php handler code for both sites. Yeah “root” is a bit confusing because there are several terms that use the word “root”. Document Root is the absolute root of your hosting account. For GoDaddy that is the /html folder. For other Hosts it is /public_html, /htdocs, etc. Then you have WordPress Website Root, which is going to be the root folder where your WordPress website is installed. So to make it even more confusing, both your “main” site and your sub directory sites have a WordPress Website Root folder. LOL. And finally you have the root .htaccess files for each of your sites, which go in the WordPress Website Root folders for each of your sites.

          I think what would be helpful to you is to think of your websites as 2 completely unique and different websites even though they share a common URL they really are 2 completely different and unique WordPress website installations. Each independent WordPress site requires its own separate set up. It would be easier to visualize this if they were separate domains like – and Thanks.

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