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BulletProof Security is now fully AutoMagic as of .46.2.  This video tutorial is obsolete and has been removed.  A New video tutorial is pending.

WordPress Security – BulletProof Security subfolder setup.  This BulletProof Security video tutorial walks you through setting up BulletProof Security for a WordPress subfolder installation (WordPress is installed in a subfolder not the root website domain folder).  If WordPress is installed in the root website domain folder then NO addtional setup is required for BulletProof Security to function correctly other than enabling WordPress permalinks.  If your WordPress website is running PHP4 you will need to switch to PHP5 in order for BulletProof Security to function correctly.

BulletProof Security is a very simple WordPress security plugin to install and set up.  BulletProof Security is an htaccess WordPress security plugin that protects your WordPress website with front line website security protection and is essentially a website security firewall.  If your WordPress installation is in your root website domain folder then you can immediately activate BulletProof Security Modes as long as WordPress permalinks are enabled.  Very minimal, quick and easy setup is required for WordPress websites where WordPress is installed in a subfolder.

As of BulletProof Security .46.1 you no longer need to manually add your subfolder name to the maintenance.htaccess file unless you want to add it manually.  Maintenance Mode is now AutoMagic. 

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6 Comments to “WordPress Security – BulletProof Security Setup, BulletProof Security WordPress Subfolder Installation”

  1. Geegee says:

    um, I’m using Firefox 10. and the tutorial video, when I click on play it says ‘this video is private?” I managed to find a video showing installation but it has no audio and is only 2 minutes long. Not really helpful for a newbie.

    • AITpro Admin says:

      At this point the only area of BPS Pro that would need a video tutorial would be the custom php.ini set up and we are almost finished with the automation coding that will make this much, much simpler. Everything else in BPS is just point and click so there really isnt any need for video tutorials for the other areas of BPS Pro. Some videos say private because they are outdated and no longer of any value so they are offline / private. At some point we will probably add some new video tutorials.

  2. Jeff Carter says:

    Where is the video tutorial? You have links all over your site about your “New BulletProof Security Setup Video” but they all link to this page which does not have any video. I have even gone so far as to load this page in all 3 of the major browsers (Firefox 4.0, Chrome, and IE 9.0).

    Jeff C

    • AITpro Admin says:

      Sounds like maybe you have some software on your computer that is blocking the YouTube video. You can see the video on YouTube here >>> BulletProof Security Installation Video Tutorial

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