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Free Flash Carousel Gallery – Free XML Loading Flash Carousel Gallery, AS3 Gallery

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Published: September 23, 2010
Updated: December 3, 2016

Free Flash Carousel Gallery – with 3 rotating rings.  The Flash program is not needed to add or change pics for this free Flash carousel gallery.  You simply upload the pics you want displayed in the carousel gallery to the same folder as the SWF Flash gallery file.  This free Flash Carousel gallery is an XML loading Flash gallery.  What that means is the Flash SWF movie file will look at the gallery.xml file to load the pics names listed in that file into the Flash movie.  So you can either change the pic names in the XML file to match your pic names or the better option is just to rename your pic names to the file names that are already created in the gallery.xml file.  You can download the Free Flash Carousel gallery source code from the Flash & Math website – a link is provided in the Flash Carousel gallery demo movie.  So what you will need is to upload the rings.swf file, your personal pics and the gallery.xml file to your website.  Yep that’s it.   The zip contains all the AS3 source code, the .fla and all additional files for this free carousel gallery if you want to edit or modify the design or AS3 code in Flash CS4.

Click Image to View a Demo of the Free Flash Carousel Gallery

Free Flash Carousel Gallery

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3 Comments to “Free Flash Carousel Gallery – Free XML Loading Flash Carousel Gallery, AS3 Gallery”

  1. JohnS says:

    I find this gallery very interesting, but unfortunately you can not interact with it at all . Please check this link: to see what I am talking about. How difficult would be to add some mouse over, click actions like there?

    • AITpro Admin says:

      Actually extremely simple to do with AS3. This is a nice looking Cylinder Gallery, but the only complaint i have with it is it maxes out my system resources at 100%. Not sure if a preloader is being used, but the actual movie is sucking up too much system resources which makes it impractical for web use. The one i am using as an example uses around 60% to 70% of system resources leaving sufficient overhead so that it is actually practical for web use.

  2. Robert Wilson says:

    thanks for the post

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