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Average WordPress Page Load Speed – Faster WordPress Page Load Speed

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Published: August 9, 2010
Updated: August 9, 2010

The orginal question was regarding what the average WordPress page load speed / time should be and how to make the make WordPress page load speed / time faster.

WordPress page load time / speed or any website load time should be less than 5 seconds max. Optimum load time is 1-2 seconds. 5 seconds is considered an acceptable load time /speed, but ask yourself if you would wait 5 seconds for a website page to load after you clicked a link.

The optimum WordPress page size or any website page size in KB is 25KB. This is obviously very small and realistically anything less than 80KB is ok. Use Firefox and install the Firebug plugin to check your WordPress page load time / speed and page load size.

Using this WordPress website page as an example >>>

It has a page size in KB of 86.5KB and loads in 1-2 seconds. In reality this WordPress page is extremely large, more like 1,000KB since it is loading a Flash movie.

It is using a WordPress caching plugin to cache and compress the page and a Flash preloader to preload the extremely large Flash movie file.

So the point I am trying to make is you can have a WordPress page that is actually very large in KB size, but you can then utilize WordPress plugins (caching, etc.) and other means to decrease the page load time. Do not ever sacrifice the visual appearance or content of your pages for the sake of load time. You can always find a way to decrease the load time of your WordPress pages after you have created them the way you want them to look.

Another thing that that bugs me to no end is that most people leave the default setting of loading 10 posts per page on their WordPress websites. In my personal opinion you should have no more than 3 posts per page loading at one time. I’m sure you’ve come across many WordPress websites that seem to freeze when you arrive at the site. Usually they have 10 posts loading per page and those pages usually have images and possibly embedded video. If you have embedded video in your posts I would definitely set WordPress to load 3 posts per page at the maximum. When I come across WordPress sites that “freeze” because there is too much content trying to load all at the same time, I have a simple solution instead of waiting around – I immediately leave the page and website instead of waiting around for everything to eventually load.

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