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WordPress Under The Cut Technique – WordPress Version of Under The Cut

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Published: August 9, 2010
Updated: October 6, 2012

THe orginal question was regarding how to perform an “under the cut” technique with WordPress.  The term “under the cut” is used specifically for LJ and not for WordPress.

The phrase “under the cut” is an LJ specific term. For WordPress you would use the Read More technique / link >>>…

Another option is to use a spoiler such as the Advanced Spoiler WordPress plugin. The spoiler text I am using on my site is “Show”.  You can change the text in the spoiler button / link to anything you want. ie Read More, Display More, Show More, etc etc etc. You can also customize the spoiler button / link colors to anything you want – another example of the spoiler button / link with a black background and gold text >>>

The WordPress Read More technique works great, but it requires a little more effort on your part with setup and coding modifications. Personally I like the WordPress spoiler plugin because besides setting up a default spoiler setting sitewide, you can also customize the spoiler for individual posts if you want to.


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