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WordPress Upload Error – Uploadify.php – Move Uploaded File Error

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Published: May 14, 2010
Updated: January 12, 2012

The orginal question was regarding a general WordPress upload error.  The upload problem was due to a problem with uploadify.php.

The WordPress uploading error appears to be coming from the uploadify.php file, which is a mulitple file upload plugin for JQuery. There appears to be a known problem with uploadify.php not being able to resolve the true root path of your domain root = (DOCUMENT_ROOT). See this post regarding one person’s fix for this.… The post is pretty vague and probaby doesn’t give you enough information to solve your specific problem. I downloaded uploadify.php and took a look at code line 40 just to verify what you posted and I see this line of code.

40) move_uploaded_file($tempFile,$targetFile…

The file upload failure is not coming directly from this line of code. Code line 40 is being echoed in the error output message because this is where the failure is seen as occurring in the script.

The problem is actually occurring in code lines 28 & 29 due to targetpath problem.

28) $targetPath = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . $_REQUEST['folder'] . '/';
29) $targetFile = str_replace('//','/',$targetPath) . $_FILES['Filedata']['name'];

Hmm the whole last part of your question has really got me confused.
the plugins folder should be here by default >>> /wp-content/plugins
You could actually move the plugins folder somewhere else and then change the path to it, but that would be asking for a world of pain. 😉
Any files having to do with your particular Theme (templates, style.css and graphic images for your theme design) are going to be under /wp-content/themes/yourtheme

Looking at the last part of your question and the error again I just noticed that the error does indicate that it may be looking for uploadify.php in the wrong location. Since it is a plugin it would logically go in the default WordPress plugins folder to me, but with that said if uploadify is somehow already incorporated into whatever theme you are using then it could be in the right location if it is under your themes folder. If this is the case then you need to check your Theme’s author home page for known issues or just the full skinny on uploadify and your WordPress Theme. In any case it appears that you have a targetpath problem or the uploadify plugin is in the wrong folder, so check the 3 sources I listed here to find your exact answer. Good luck.

Resource Help Links site for more info >>>
Passing values to uploadify.php >>>…

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