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Installing WordPress in Your Root Folder on Your Web Host

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Published: May 14, 2010
Updated: October 6, 2012

The orginal question was regarding how to go about installing WordPress in the root folder on a web host server.

I believe that you are asking about the WordPress installation itself. I could be wrong of course, but I’m assuming that you added a WordPress Theme to your WordPress installation and the folder where WordPress itself is installed is something like If this is the case and if this is a new WordPress website installation then I recommend you uninstall and reinstall WordPress on your web host.

Most web hosts will add a default folder name like /wordpress automatically and additionally to your website domain name path when you go through the automated WordPress installation. To install WordPress to the root of your website domain just delete that folder name that they provide for you by default during the WordPress installation.

Also by the way you can have multiple WordPress websites installed under one domain. You just add a new folder name for each WordPress website that you want to install. As an example I have a WordPress website installation on my root directory and also an additional WordPress website installation in a folder on the root directory called /aitpro-blog. I could create different WordPress Themes for both of these, but the way I am using these 2 different WordPress websites together is to have them look identical so it appears that they are all 1 WordPress website when in fact they are 2 WordPress websites.

Stu stated that WordPress Themes are installed in /wp-content/themes, but when you launch your WordPress website the path that is shown to your website will be if WordPress is installed on the root of your website domain so where the WordPress Theme folder actually exists is kind of a moot point. Good technical answer, but I think this asker is really wanting to know how to install the WordPress application itself to the root. Like I said I could be misinterpreting the question.

For clarity for anyone who is wondering about the difference between the WordPress application and WordPress Themes – You have the WordPress application itself that you install and then you have WordPress Themes that you install. WordPress Themes contain template files and other files that provide the look, layout and visual appearance of your WordPress website. A WordPress Theme ties into the loop of the core WordPress application and is still controlled by the WordPress application. When you install a WordPress Theme it does not take over control of the functionality of your entire WordPress website overall – only things like sidebars or other visual layouts are changed by adding a WordPress Theme. This is a very simplified non-technical WordPress explanation of course. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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