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WordPress Red X Toolbar – WordPress Red X in The Dashboard

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Published: May 15, 2010
Updated: May 15, 2010

The original question was regarding red x errors displaying within the WordPress Dashboard.  Red X errors indicate ActiveX and or Javascript errors.  Red X errors for missing media / image files is a different problem.

Note:  Very little info was given to troubleshoot this Red X error so the answer is generalized for basic troubleshooting steps to take.  Typically that a Red X ActiveX error means that the file path cannot be found, the file does not exist or there is a cache problem – cache is corrupted.

It would be nice to know whether this is .org or .com WordPress site. Anyway the dreaded red X typically indicates a corrupted cache problem, ActiveX or Javascript problems. So clear your cache first. If you still have the problem > This could be caused by your Internet Explorer security settings being set too high, antivirus or firewall software can also block the images and the last thing is your WordPress website is simply just hosed. Set your security settings to low in IE and make sure your firewall or antivirus software is not blocking your site images. Also if you have Firefox installed you can check your admin panel using Firefox. If everything still doesn’t look right at this point then right mouse click on the red X on one of your missing theme image pics and look at the path. Since this is occurring in both the themes area and your toolbar it is indicating that you have some sort a file path problem. Did you move anything recently? Did you rename any WordPress folders recently? Did you change your style.css header info? If you can’t correct the path problem you are only left with trying to fix WordPress from your SQL DB or lastly reinstalling WordPress. Make a backup first, unless of course you have a Freebie site then they back that up for you and you can request to have your freebie site restored from backup. Good luck. 😉

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