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WordPress Flash Photo Gallery | WordPress Flash Book – Combining Flash and WordPress

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Published: June 28, 2010
Updated: September 26, 2010

The orginal question was regarding ideas for adding regular book sized (8.5 x 11) pages for a comic book hosted on a WordPress website.  The answer offers simple (WordPress Flash Photo Gallery Plugin) to more advanced (WordPress custom template with custom Flash movie) ideas for combining Flash with WordPress.

My first thought was to use Flash. Take a look at what Marvel Comics is doing >>> The Flash work was pretty bad when I originally looked at their website months ago, but now the Flash work and digital comic books they have online are very impressive.

It appears this is a PHP Joomla base platform, but it is a hybrid meaning custom coding has been done to modify the original “out of the box” template(s). The base platform you choose for any website design is not relevant to the visual appearance because you can create an identical visual appearance on any website platform or coding ie HTML, PHP, CFM, ASP etc etc etc. The visual appearance of any website is just the “skin”. So with that said, since WordPress is the #1 ranked CMS website platform currently available, WordPress should be used as the core website platform. Joomla is good, but WordPress is a better CMS platform in my professional opinion.

So assuming you build on the WordPress platform you can use the Kimili Flash Embed WordPress plugin to embed the regular size com Flash Comic books within the pages or you could have the Flash load independent of the WordPress pages similar to what Marvel is doing.

Another even more simple option would be to just install a Flash gallery plugin like the WordPress Flash Photo Gallery plugin. This of course would not be as cool looking as a custom coding thing, but it would be a no brainer quick way to display your comic books.

In my professional opinion to get the biggest visual impact I would create custom WordPress template pages, use the Kimili Flash Embed WordPress plugin to embed the Flash and then either find an open source free Flash gallery that serves your purposes or create the custom Flash Comic Book movie yourself in Flash. Full Flash websites do not do well SEO wise so that is why you would build on the WordPress platform and not just build a Flash website.

So if you want simple and easy you are going to have to settle for something that is probably not going to be perfect or exactly what you want. You may get lucky though and find all the pre-made free stuff you want out there that you can piece together to get the look you want. Good luck.

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