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Description:  A wireless security router allows wired and wireless ethernet LAN devices to securely connect to a single WAN device such as a cable modem or a DSL modem.  Wireless adapters are needed to connect wireless devices (not network hard wired) to a wireless security router.

1957 – The development of what is now called the Internet started by the Soviet Union.
1969 – ARPANet created by the US Defense Department (now known as the Internet) first went live in October 1969. It used the NCP protocol (Network Control Protocol).
1970 – The world’s first wireless packet–switched network was ALOHAnet.
1972 – ALOHAnet was the first network to connect to ARPANET in 1972.
1974 – First routers – Xerox routers came into operation sometime after early 1974.
1983 – TCP/IP protocol replaced the NCP protocol.
1985 – Wi–Fi technology origins – FCC released several bands of radio spectrum for unlicensed use.
1986 – NSFNET (formerly ARPANet) went online and connected to the CSNET network.
1980’s – First security firewall was created in the Late 1980’s.
1991 – Official launch of the World Wide Web for public use by Tim Berners-Lee and colleagues at CERN.
1994 – Carnegie Mellon University built the first wireless Internet network in the world at their Pittsburgh campus in 1994.
1997 – WEP encryption was introduced for wireless security routers. WEP encryption is easily cracked within minutes.
2003 – WPA and WPA2 encryption for wireless security routers became available in devices in 2003.
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