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Security Appliances – Network Security Appliances History and Facts | BulletProof Security

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Published: May 19, 2010
Updated: August 9, 2010

Description:  A security appliance is any form of server appliance that is designed to protect computer networks from unwanted traffic.  UTM Security appliances perform multiple network security functions:  firewalling, network intrusion prevention and gateway antivirus (AV), gateway anti-spam, VPN, content filtering, load balancing and on-appliance reporting.  Network Security Appliances history and facts.

1951 – First commercially available computer was the Ferranti Mark 1.
1974 – First routers – Xerox routers came into operation sometime after early 1974.
1980 – First ASIC’s (application-specific integrated circuit) – Ferranti produced perhaps the first gate-array, the ULA (Uncommitted Logic Array), around 1980.
1980’s – First firewall security appliance was created in the Late 1980’s.
1991 – Official launch of the World Wide Web for public use by Tim Berners-Lee and colleagues at CERN.
1992 – First FPGA’s (field-programmable gate array).

2004 – First Unified Threat Management (UTM) network security appliances for multiple security functions in one single network appliance.

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