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Free Flash Sphere Gallery – 3D Sphere Gallery, AS3 Sphere Gallery

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Published: September 24, 2010
Updated: September 26, 2010

Free Flash Sphere Gallery – AS3 3D Sphere Gallery.  The source code for this free Flash sphere gallery can be found on the Flash & Math website – a link is included in the Sphere gallery demo movie.  The Flash Cs4 program is currently needed to add or change thumbnail pics.  You will need to import new thumbnail images into the Flash library to overwrite the existing thumbnail image files.  The large images are loaded dynamically using Sprite and Loader when clicking on the thumbnail images so those images are just uploaded to the folder that contains the Flash Sphere gallery swf file.  It would be very quick and easy to modify the sphere gallery AS3 code to load thumbnail pics dynamically using an XML gallery file.   The zip file on the Flash & Math websites contains all the Flash AS3 source code, the .fla and all additional files for this free Flash sphere gallery.

Click The Image To View The Free Flash Sphere Gallery

Free Flash Sphere Gallery - 3D Sphere Gallery

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