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Free Flash Cube Gallery – Free Flash 3D Cube, Free Flash 3D Cube Gallery

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Published: September 26, 2010
Updated: September 27, 2010

Free Flash 3D Cube Gallery – This Flash 3D Cube gallery is completely free, but it requires Flash CS4 in order to modify the Flash gallery file.  This Flash 3D Cube gallery could be easily modified to be an XML driven flash gallery movie so that pictures would be loaded externally.  Currently images are loaded internally by importing the images into the Flash CS4 program.  The source code for this Free Flash 3D Cube gallery can be found on the Flash & Math website.  A link is provided in the 3D Flash Cube movie demo.

What Is An XML Driven Flash Movie?

An XML driven Flash movie is a Flash movie that will load images from an external source instead of loading images from within the Flash movie.  The external source for those image files could be a folder on your website or images stored on another website.

Flash 3D Cube Gallery Possible Uses

The free Flash 3D Cube gallery has both Flash gallery uses and a Flash navigation system uses.  With some modification to the AS3 code in this Flash 3D cube gallery you could easily make a very unique 3D Flash navigational menu system.  You could also go the other direction and modify the AS3 code to design this 3D Flash Cube for use as a Flash gallery.  As we stated earlier this particular Free Flash 3D Cube gallery is free, but does require the Flash CS4 program in order to modify it.  Some of the other free Flash galleries that we have posted from the Flash & Math website are XML driven so they do not require the Flash program in order to add your own personal images to the movie.

Click The Image To View The Free Flash 3D Cube Gallery

Free Flash 3D Cube

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