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Whats New In BulletProof Security Pro 5.5

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Published: January 14, 2013
Updated: January 14, 2013

Major Version Release: Whats New in BPS Pro 5.5


Primary Focuses: S-Monitor Email Alerting & Log File Options, Monitoring and Alerting Options, B-Core Security Log

  S-Monitor Email Alerting & Log File Options:
AutoRestore/Quarantine Log, Security Log and PHP Error Log. All Log files now have these Email Alerting & Log File Options

Choose whether or not to have email alerts sent when Log files log events. Choose to either automatically Email Log files to you when they reach the maximum size limit option that you choose or just delete log files when they reach the the maximum size limit option that you choose.

  S-Monitor Monitoring & Alerting Options:
Heads up Status display – 2 new additional status display options added: Firewall Status and UAEG Status (Uploads Anti-Exploit Guard) – BULLETPROOF PRO 5.5 SECURE .HTACCESS || AutoRestore/Quarantine Status: On – Check Files Every 15 Minutes || Firewall Status: On || UAEG Status: On. Security Log: New Log Entry Has Been Logged – alerting / monitoring option for the Security Log.
  B-Core Security Log:
New Security Log page added to B-Core displays your Security Log file. Previously the Security Log file was viewable using the All-Purpose File Manager and has now had its own designated page created in B-Core.
  Miscellaneous Enhancements & Improvements:
Performance Optimization / Speed Increase: BPS Pro resource usage has been reduced from 17% – 18% resource usage to 7% – 8% resource usage. P-Security – PHP Error Log File Size displayed, Quarantine – Quarantine Log File Size displayed, B-Core – Security Log File Size displayed. Plugin Firewall: new tool added – Plugin Override. Forum – Support link added on the WordPress Plugins page. Manual Upgrade Check link added on the WordPress Plugins page. P-Security Diagnostic Checking tool: fix for sites using open_basedir with Root folder restrictions.
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