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Whats New In BulletProof Security Pro 15.9

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Published: October 4, 2021
Updated: October 4, 2021

• PHP 8.0.10 Testing:
 BPS Pro has been tested up to PHP 8.0.10. No issues or problems found.

• Update: Log file automation: Zipped log files now use a timestamp naming convention – The log files in the zip file are also named using the same naming convention.

• BugFix: PHP Error log zip file automation PclZip only: PHP Error log files not being zipped for PclZip condition. Missing get_option() under the PclZip condition. No issues with the ZipArchive condition.

• BugFix: Setup Wizard Options: Enable|Disable htaccess Files option automatically enabled (if disabled) due to a bug in the Apache Module checking conditions.

• Help Text Addition: htaccess Files Disabled Notice: “The Pre-Installation and Setup Wizard need to be run again after disabling or enabling htaccess files.” help text added.

• BugFix: S-Monitor Email Alerts: 4 email options saved with blank values in a previous BPS Pro version. The 4 options are automatically fixed on BPS Pro upgrade. Affected email options: HPF email alerts, MScan email alerts and MScan email log files. Problem scenario: If ARQ was turned Off and an ARQ is turned Off email alert was sent then these 4 options were updated with blank values.

• Procedural Update: Add new $wpdb collate variable to all dbDelta functions.

• Procedural Fix: Create default WP root .htaccess file for Multisite on BPS Pro plugin uninstallation.

• Procedural Update: Setup Wizard: Additional default AutoRestore wp-content folder exclude rule created for Malcare plugin wp-content folder.

• Procedural Update: SiteGround Security plugin added to the wp-content .htaccess file check Dismiss Notice.

• PHP Error Fix: Login Security & Monitoring: Undefined array key and Undefined variable php errors fixed.

• PHP Error Fix: Setup Wizard Options: Enable|Disable htaccess Files: PHP Errors fixed when disabling and enabling htaccess files.

• PHP Error Fix: MScan: foreach() argument must be of type array|object, null given. Plugin hash version check and Theme hash version check DB options. Check if is_array() and is_null() before processing foreach().

• PHP Error Fix: System Info: mb_stripos(): Empty delimiter in system-info.php on line 537.

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