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Whats New In BulletProof Security Pro 16.2

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Published: January 1, 2022
Updated: January 1, 2022

• Procedural Update:
 System Info: OPcache info check changed. Previous checking conditions were problematic. Dev Note: Displays either OPcache: Zend OPcache x.x.x is Enabled or OPcache: OPcache is Not Enabled or OPcache: opcache_get_status and/or opcache_get_configuration functions are disabled or OPcache: opcache.restrict_api directive is in use.

• Procedural Update: Uploads Anti-Exploit Guard: UAEG htaccess file code changes will automatically be done on BPS Pro upgrade. Will not affect any personal modifications/customizations that have been made in the UAEG htaccess file.

• Procedural Update: Plugin Firewall: Redundant file writing code added to the Activate Form. FailSafe for certain unusual Whitelist Form submission sequences.

• BugFix: Quarantine: Exclude Folders|Files from being checked by AutoRestore Form: Exclude Top Level Folder option file path fix. Dev Note: Trim and stripslashes.

• BugFix: Plugin Firewall AutoPilot Mode: foreach loop causing excessive file opens and successive writes.

• BugFix: Maintenance Mode: Network|Multisite GWIOD site type: site root index file path correction.

• BugFix: Maintenance Mode: Network|Multisite only: Maintenance menu and page not accessible for Subsites due to the GDMW option setting not being saved in Subsite DB options. The Setup Wizard now automatically saves the GDMW option setting for Subsites. An additional independent Form has also been created on the Setup Wizard Options page > Network|Multisite Sitewide GDMW Settings > Save MU GDMW Options Sitewide.

• PHP Error Fix: BPS Pro MU Tools must-use plugin: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool error fixed.

• PHP Error Fixes: Various code correctness technicality php errors fixed. Dev Note: These types of php errors are triggered due to the new stricter standards in PHP 8.x and not due to the code being incorrect.

• Additions: System Info: MySQL Database Info: DB Storage Engine, DB Hostname (Local), DB Hostname (Server), DB Hostname IP (Server), DB Port and DB Connect Timeout.

• Removal: Setup Wizard Options: The obsolete cURL Scan Option: Turn On|Off cURL Scan option has been removed.

• Removal: Setup Wizard: Invalid|Incorrect BPS Pro Activation Key error message has been removed.

• Removal: Tools: The cURL Scan tool has been removed.

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