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Whats New In BulletProof Security Pro 16.1

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Published: December 1, 2021
Updated: December 1, 2021

• UI|UX Redesign:
Simplify overall design: Remove unnecessary page help text (visual clutter), add question mark hover tooltips in place of page help text, remove unnecessary redundant page text, remove unnecessary borders, remove unnecessary table cells, increase whitespace, replace Read Me help buttons with Question Mark buttons, fix any/all old/pending CSS issues, several menu names have been renamed: B-Core => htaccess File Options, P-Security => PHP Options, S-Monitor => Display & Alert Options, Pro-Tools => Tools, F-Lock => File|Folder Lock, UI|UX Settings => UI|UX Options. Secondary menus renamed: Logs & Info => BPS Pro Logs|Info, Setup => BPS Pro Setup. Dev Note: An inpage BPS Pro menu may be added in the future to BPS Pro plugin pages. The inpage menu would be a 3 level deep nested menu, which is not allowed in the WP NAV menu. Note: You may need to clear your Browser cache to clear any old cached CSS or image files.

• Change: Plugin Firewall AutoPilot Mode Cron: The default cron interval has been changed from 10 minutes to 5 minutes. This only affects new BPS Pro installations. Recommendation for existing BPS Pro installations: Change the Plugin Firewall AutoPilot Mode cron interval to 5 minutes.

• Update: BPS Pro Plugin Logo: Increased the size of the staggered letters. Minor color adjustments to the logo background.

• Update: Maintenance Mode: The Preview feature was being blocked by Browsers built-in popup blocker. Added wp_safe_redirect() fallback.

• Update: Disable the Rank Math plugin htaccess file editor using the Rank Math filter for disabling htaccess file editing. Disabling the Rank Math htaccess editor prevents ModSecurity 403 errors when trying to save Rank Math option settings. The BPS htaccess File Editor has an encryption feature to bypass/evade ModSecurity so that ModSecurity will not block saving htaccess file/code edits.

• Update: Remove any round brackets from require and include code throughout BPS code. Remove any old @ symbols (php error suppression) throughout BPS code. Dev Note: All BPS code is 100% code correct to PHP 8.0.12 standards.

• Update: BPS Pro Activation Key error check message: Additional help text added to the error message.

• Update: Plugin Firewall AutoPilot Mode: Added the .html file extension to the AutoPilot Mode filter whitelisting code.

• BugFix: Reload BPS Pro Status Display button: Button was loading behind the BPS logo on certain form submits. Dev Note: clear div added to clear float in js code.

• PHP Error Fix: Login Security: Attempt to read property “ID” on bool.

• PHP Error Fix: ISL: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool.

• Addition: System Info: SQL Database Info: Add/Display Table Prefix, Database charset and Database collation.

• Removal: wp-content htaccess file HUD Dismiss Notice: BPS now automatically creates a whitelist rule for the BPS plugin folder in wp-content htaccess files created by other WP security plugins. Dev Note: A new option may be created in BPS in the future to allow folks to whitelist other plugins and themes that are broken by wp-content htaccess files created by other WP security plugins.

• Setup Wizard AutoFix: New Setup Wizard AutoFix whitelist rules added for the Constant Contact Forms and Constant Contact + WooCommerce plugins.

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