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Whats New In BulletProof Security Pro 15.3

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Published: March 8, 2021
Updated: March 8, 2021

• MScan:
 The MScan Pattern matching code is now automatically saved to the DB on BPS upgrades and new installations. Previously the MScan pattern matching code was saved to a file in the /bps-backup/ folder. Some web hosts scanners flagged the MScan pattern matching code as malicious.

• MScan Rebuild Status: The MScan rebuild is 80% completed. Due to higher priority tasks (PHP 8 compliance|WP 5.7 procedural updates) taking precedence the finalization of the MScan rebuild has been pushed back to BPS Pro 15.4.

• Procedural Update: PHP 8.0.2 compliance: Fixed any issues with BPS Pro in PHP 8.0.2.

• Procedural Update: Added new help text for FSP in the Setup Wizard Options and Setup Wizard Export|Import Read Me help buttons.

• Procedural Update: Setup Wizard: Additional default AutoRestore wp-content folder exclude rule created for the Themify cache folder: /tf_cache/.

• Procedural Fix: Delete this BPS free plugin option if it exists: bulletproof_security_options_pop_uninstall.

• BugFix: Plugin Firewall: Additional Roles IP Whitelist option: Capabilities bug fixed for additional roles IP address whitelisting.

• System Info: Added Themes to the Get Plugins List form. Form is now named Get Plugins|Themes List.

• P-Security: PHP Error Log: Additional conditional checks added for the PHP Error Log Path Does Not Match error check. Forum topic created with cause/solution help info: PHP Error Log Path Does Not Match Help Forum Topic

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