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Whats New In BulletProof Security Pro 15.1

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Published: January 12, 2021
Updated: January 12, 2021

• Procedural Update:
 Apache Modules|Directives tests: New condition added for mod_access_compat tests. All htaccess testing code is now wrapped in IfModule conditional code. The View Visual Test link and page has been removed from the BPS System Info page.

• Plugin Firewall: Pre-save the Additional Roles IP Whitelist option setting by default in the Pre-Installation Wizard and on BPS Pro upgrade. Administrator, Editor, Author and Contributor Roles are checked (On) by default. Dev Note: Resolves a known issue with some Cloudflare plugins reversing the client => proxy IP address order in the X forwarded for header, which causes an incorrect IP address to be created|updated in the Plugin Firewall.

• Removal: HUD Dismiss Notice: Plugin Firewall Additional Roles IP Whitelist feature notice is no longer necessary and has been removed.

• Setup Wizard: Network|Multisite Sitewide Login Security Settings and Network|Multisite Sitewide JTC Anti-Spam|Anti-Hacker Settings option settings are now included and processed in the Setup Wizard. These option settings will still remain as individual option settings on the Setup Wizard Options page.

• Setup Wizard: WP_DEBUG check message: Additional message text added: Turn Off WordPress Debugging before running the Pre-Installation Wizard and the Setup Wizard.

• Setup Wizard AutoFix: New Setup Wizard AutoFix whitelist rule added for the Restrict Content Pro plugin.

• Procedural Update: Added the new WP 5.6 htaccess RewriteRule: RewriteRule .* – [E=HTTP_AUTHORIZATION:%{HTTP:Authorization}] to BPS htaccess code writing functions. Dev Note: Sets the HTTP Authorization header variable for cases where the WP REST API encounters a problem with REST Authentication headers not being accepted.

• Procedural Change: Plugin Firewall: Get the client IP address in the X Forwarded For Header instead of the Proxy IP address.

• Procedural Fix: Condition added to the BPS admin_notices Master function to prevent BPS admin_notices from displaying on the Web Stories plugin pages.

• Custom Code: Link added for the BPS HTTPS/SSL Rewrite htaccess code above Custom Code text box: 8. CUSTOM CODE WP REWRITE LOOP START.

• PHP Error Log Test: Generating a PHP Error Log test confirmation message instead of triggering an actual PHP error.

• Procedural Fix: Filter WP Site Health site_status_tests for only BPS Cron jobs that display “A scheduled event is late” error message and remove (unset) only the BPS Cron test result.

• System Info: Removed recommended permissions for /tmp folder.

• BugFix: Get the client IP address for HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR for use in the self-protection htaccess files that are updated in real-time in BPS plugin folders.

• BugFix: htaccess File Editor: Additional htaccess files disabled condition added for the htaccess File Editor root htaccess file permissions check.

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