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Whats New In BulletProof Security Pro 14

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Published: July 1, 2019
Updated: July 1, 2019

• Improvement:
 The BPS Script|Style Loader Filter (SLF) has been recoded to significantly improve BPS plugin page performance. The BPS Script|Style Loader Filter (SLF) feature prevents other Plugin and Theme js and CSS scripts from loading in BPS plugin pages. Resolves visually broken BPS plugin pages, js and CSS conflicts with BPS js and CSS scripts and page load performance problems caused by other Plugin and Theme scripts loading their scripts in BPS plugin pages. Notes: SLF is automatically set to On as the default when upgrading BPS or when installing BPS for the first time. The BPS Script|Style Loader Filter (SLF) feature only affects BPS plugin pages.

• Improvement: Setup Wizard: Additional plain text root and wp-admin file backups created in cases where a website/server has issues/problems with creating zip backups and/or allowing the htaccess zip backup file to be downloaded. Additional help information displayed on Setup Wizard completion with file paths to backed up htaccess files.

• Improvement: htaccess Files Disabled Notice: Simplified help text message and link added to forum topic for detailed help information.

• New Option: BPS Pro MU Tools: Turn Off AutoRestore option added in the BPS Pro MU Tools plugin. Note: This new option can be used to Turn Off AutoRestore when the BPS Pro plugin is deactivated or the /bulletproof-security/ plugin folder is renamed.

• Change: BPS Pro MU Tools: Renamed functions to prevent PHP Fatal Cannot redeclare errors when the BPS free MU Tools plugin file stills exists.

• Procedural Change: BPS Pro Activation Key error check: Additional conditional check added for the WPML plugin.

• Improvement: PHP Error Log: Display Error Log Path Seen by Server in real time when the Set Error Log Location Form is submitted.

• Removal: MMode: Oxygen plugin error check removed.

• CSS Fix: System Info: Force word break and max width for mobile CSS for extremely long lists of disabled PHP functions.

• Error Check Mod: wp-content .htaccess file check modification. Checks if a known wp-content .htaccess files exists that breaks BPS Pro Security Logging, Plugin Firewall, Uploads Anti-Exploit Guard & other things in BPS Pro and displays a message on how to fix the problem.

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