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The original question was regarding installed and activated WordPress plugins that were not being displayed or shown on the WordPress website.

It sounds like you just need to add the WordPress Widgets in the Appearance Panel > Widgets sub panel. When you install / activate WordPress plugins this just basically copies the entire plugin folder with all the plugin files to your WordPress website’s plugins folder. Data information is also written to your WordPress SQL database when you add a new plugin, but that is not relevant here so there is no need to explain that part of the plugin activation process.

More sophisticated WordPress plugins require configuration after you install them and will add an options link under one of the relevant WordPress Dashboard panels. Any WordPress plugin that has widget capability or includes a widget with the plugin will require that you add the widget to your WordPress sidebar and configure it yourself in the Widgets sub panel. The Widgets options page is a drag and drop widget activation deal. Meaning you drag any widget that it is available to choose from in the main window and drop it on your widget sidebar in the location on your sidebar where you want the widget to appear on your sidebar.

Once your widget is activated on your sidebar you can then configure it by opening the individual widget’s panel. A contact form widget is also going to have another location within your WordPress Dashboard Panels where you are going to need to configure email addresses, contact form appearance, etc, etc etc.

All WordPress plugins come with read me and help files. This is a requirement by WordPress if you want to submit a plugin to their repository. Also you will find the plugin author and support page links in the WordPress repository. Anytime you install a new more sophisticated WordPress plugin you should visit the plugin author’s website to find out everything you can about it from the get go. I know this very well because I have personally written a WordPress plugin myself >>>ā€¦

Good Luck!

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