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WordPress Flash Movie – WordPress Interactive Flash Movies, WordPress Flash Player

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Published: September 19, 2010
Updated: September 19, 2010

WordPress Flash Movies Take Your WordPress Website To The Next Level!

WordPress Flash Movie Trends – Website Flash Movie Trends

What I find absolutely fascinating is that all the trends show that Flash movies are on the decline as far as the volume and popularity of people searching for search terms like “WordPress Flash Movie”.  What I know from personal experience is that Flash movies for WordPress websites or any type of website are money makers – BIG MONEY MAKERS.  We are not talking a few grand a month.  I’m talking about $100,000 and up a month.  Our top client thanks us every month for bringing in new big name clients.  Yeah you could say that the AITpro SEO work is getting the clients there, but what is a huge factor in closing the deals is the WordPress Flash movie used on the website.  I’m not sure what the explanation could be exactly for less and less people looking for Flash movies?  Possibly that people have heard negative things about Flash movies overall and therefore they discount them as a money making tool for their WordPress website or other type of website platform?   The exact answer for this trend is kind of a mystery to me, but one thing that is absolutely clear to me is that WordPress Flash movies are very effective deal closers.  The primary selling factor being the overall impression that a well designed custom Flash movie leaves.  That of course may change in time, but right now Flash movies impress potential clients and bring in the big bucks.

WordPress Interactive Flash Movies Vs Static Images

One of the most obvious benefits of having a Flash movie on your WordPress website instead of static images is that you can say a lot in a very short period of time.  An interactive Flash movie takes it up another notch by doing more than just engaging someone’s visual interest.  If designed correctly an interactive Flash movie should have website visitors participating.  Participation takes focus.  Focus leads to comprehension.  Comprehension leads to full understanding.  Yeah this seems like some very obvious basic info, but what I know from many years of professional website design experience is that most people that arrive to any one particular website will leave that website without fully understanding what that website has to offer.  Most people arrive at a website because they were looking for something specific.  Typically when they find what they were looking for they leave that website pretty quickly, if not immediately, and may never return again.  An interactive Flash movie naturally sticks in peoples minds once they have engaged beyond just visual viewing.   There are many other bennies of course, but the most important one to note is that when a website visitor arrives at a website using a Flash movie they have gotten a preview of what is available at that particular website, if of course the flash movie is strategically designed for maximum impact.

WordPress and Flash Combination – The Ultimate Effective Combination

WordPress is one of the most effective and powerful website platforms and Flash movies, in my opinion, are one of the most effective and powerful visual marketing tools.  Combining WordPress and Flash movies is a no brainer.  By utilizing the two most effective website tools together you create a very effective and powerful combination for your website.  AITpro of course offers both of these website elements combined to make the ultimate effective combination.  Feel free to use this information and apply it to your website or you could always just follow the general overall trends regarding flash movies or more specifically WordPress Flash Movies.  😉 

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