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Whats New In BulletProof Security Pro 15.2

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Published: January 31, 2021
Updated: January 31, 2021

• AutoRestore Automation Rebuild:
 AutoRestore now works seamlessly for Remote WP Core updates and web host forced WP Core updates. Dev Note: The AutoRestore WP Automatic Update function has been rebuilt/redesigned to include Remote and forced WP Core updates and uses an alternative method than the previous method of using the WP Upgrader pre_install and post_install filters to ensure AutoRestore Automation completes successfully. This rebuild also resolves files being quarantined due to issues with server/website latency/slowness. Plugin and Theme updates (Automatic, Shiny, Bulk) still use the WP Upgrader pre_install and post_install filters. Additional Note: The WP Upgrader pre_install and post_install filters are still checked during AutoRestore Automation for WP Automatic Updates, but the WP Upgrader filters are not the primary conditional factor in determining the final AutoRestore Automation actions/processing.

• BugFix: AutoRestore Automation: New AutoRestore backup folders were not being successfully created during AutoRestore Automation backups for WP Core Automatic Updates that included new WP Core folders, which caused the new WP Core files in those new folders to be quarantined. Dev Note: Additional FailSafes added in the Master ARQ Fire function.

• Security Log: Total # of Security Log Entries by Type: New AutoRestore Automation log entry type names added. New log entry type names added to jQuery Dialog Readme help text.

• New Feature: Force Strong Passwords (FSP): Set password requirements for strong passwords. FSP works on standard single WordPress site types, Network|Multisite site types and BuddyPress. WooCommerce already has strong password requirements by default. The FSP option settings do not affect WooCommerce Forms. Notes: FSP option settings are pre-saved with default settings on BPS plugin upgrade and in the Setup Wizard. FSP is Turned Off by default. Select FSP On to turn FSP On.

• New Option: Setup Wizard Options: Network|Multisite Sitewide Force Strong Passwords Settings. Create/update FSP option settings on all Network|Multisite subsites. Note: FSP option settings are also created/updated when running the Setup Wizard.

• Setup Wizard AutoFix: New Setup Wizard AutoFix whitelist rule added for the Link Whisper and Link Whisper Premium plugins.

• Plugin Firewall: IPv4/IPv6 translation IP address matching condition added. Current User ID != 1 condition removed from the User Roles section in the PFW Roles function. New condition added to prevent blank IP addresses returned in the User Roles section in the PFW Roles function. Dev Note: These additional measures have been created to prevent blank IP addresses from being written (not written) into the Plugin Firewall ADDITIONAL ROLES IP htaccess code section.

• Procedural Change: System Info: Removed green and red font text colors from the PHP Server|PHP.ini Info section.

• Procedural Fix: jQuery Dialog Read Me help buttons: Remove the additional “Close” text displayed below the X button.

• Procedural Fix: PHP Notice error fix for Trying to access array offset on value of type bool in firewall-autopilot.php on line 209.

• Procedural Fix: MMode: Set default Maintenance Mode Time option setting to 0 if no value is entered.

• BugFix: Activation: gethostbyaddr() php error for Activation Key Request Form.

• BugFix: BPS Pro Status Display: MScan hover tooltip PHP Notice error fixed.

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