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Whats New In BulletProof Security Pro 15

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Published: December 8, 2020
Updated: December 8, 2020

• New Option|Tool:
 Quarantine: Exclude Folders|Files from being checked by AutoRestore. This new option allows you to exclude folders and files from being checked by AutoRestore|Quarantine. This tool is the same tool that is located on the AutoRestore Add|Exclude Other Folders & Files page. Instead of having to leave the Quarantine page and go to the AutoRestore page to exclude folders or files you can now exclude folders and files directly on the Quarantine page.

• New Option: MScan: Exclude /tmp Files: Allows you to exclude tmp files by file name from being deleted by MScan. Usage: Some web hosts store files such as, mysql.sock, .s.PGSQL.5432 and .per-user in the /tmp folder. These files cannot be deleted by MScan, but attempting to delete these files will generate php errors. To prevent php errors from occurring you would exclude files such as these using the MScan Exclude /tmp files option setting.

• New Addition: Setup Wizard AutoSetup: LiteSpeed Cache caching plugin added to the Setup Wizard AutoSetup feature. LiteSpeed Cache htaccess code is now automatically setup by the Setup Wizard.

• Setup Wizard AutoFix: New Setup Wizard AutoFix whitelist rule added for the Nextend Social Login plugin.

• Setup Wizard AutoFix: New Setup Wizard AutoFix whitelist rule added for the WP Reset and WP Reset Pro plugins.

• Setup Wizard AutoFix: New Setup Wizard AutoFix whitelist rule added for the Jetpack plugin SSO feature.

• BugFix: WP Rocket AutoFix: Change WP Rocket Marker for the skip/bypass rule so that it is not detected by the HUD AutoFix function.

• Procedural Change: AutoRestore|Quarantine email alerts: Now include the file name and path of quarantined files with the timestamp when the file was quarantined. Additional help info added to the alert email.

• Procedural Change: Email Alerts: URL’s/links in BPS email alerts have been changed from site root URL’s/links to direct links to BPS pages. Dev Note: WordPress handles the redirect_to automatically if someone is not already logged into their website.

• Procedural Change: Setup Wizard: S-Monitor > Security Log: New Log Entry Has Been Logged Alerts default option setting is now set to Turn Off Displayed Alerts for new BPS Pro installations.

• Procedural Change: PHP Configuration Memory Limit: Parsing phpinfo() to get the PHP memory_limit Local Value instead of using get_cfg_var(‘memory_limit’) to get the PHP memory_limit value. Dev Note: If the phpinfo() function has been disabled on a host server the return value is error text.

• Procedural Change: BPS Pro Activation: Removed the gethostbyaddr error check since it does not have any troubleshooting value any longer.

• Procedural Update: Setup Wizard: Additional default AutoRestore wp-content folder exclude rules created for cache and backup folders for various plugins and themes.

• Procedural Update: RESS: New WP scripts whitelisted in the RESS function.

• Procedural Update: Setup Wizard: BPS plugin upgrade function is processed in the Setup Wizard in cases where htaccess files have been disabled.

• Procedural Update: Setup Wizard: Updated the htaccess Files Disabled Notice with additional help text.

• CSS Fix: PHP Error Log Location Set To text alignment correction.

• CSS Fix: All BPS Core pages: Force scrollbar to display on BPS plugin pages. Dev Note: Resolves a problem with WP Nav menus not being visible/accessible on BPS plugin jQuery UI Tab pages where the content of the BPS page is not displayed at 100% page height.

• Procedural Change: PHP Error Log Path Does Not Match error message: Additional help information has been added to the help message. Dev Note: The Error Log Path Seen by Server value is displayed in the error message or the value now displays “blank/none” if there is an issue/problem with getting the “Error Log Path Seen by Server” value.

• BugFix: “ini_set Options code not found” error message displayed when saving a PHP Error Log path using the Set Error Log Location button instead of using the ini_set Options Form.

• BugFix: Setup Wizard: Error checks displayed incorrect information due to a timing/page refresh issue.

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