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Whats New In BulletProof Security Pro 14.6

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Published: July 23, 2020
Updated: July 23, 2020

• Procedural Fix:
 Various PHP Notice errors fixed.

• Procedural Fix: Fixed 2 php errors that occur on manual file/folder copy BPS installations prior to running the Setup Wizard.

• Procedural Fix: AutoRestore “AutoRestore is turned Off” email alert Cron check time interval increased for this email alert during WP upgrades. Newer versions of WP require longer installation times.

• BugFix: Setup Wizard: PHP Error Log Location Set To path was being changed/updated to the default BPS Pro PHP Error Log path when rerunning the Setup Wizard. Rerunning the Setup Wizard now retains any custom php error log path settings.

• Change: BPS Pro MU Tools: Renamed function to prevent PHP Fatal Cannot redeclare errors when the BPS free MU Tools plugin file stills exists.

• BugFix: DB Backup: Condition modification to quote all PayPal numeric transaction codes. Some PayPal transaction codes are interpreted as exponential or scientific notation.

• CSS fixes: Last Modified Time in File timestamp CSS fix. Pages affected: Security Log, PHP Error Log, Quarantine Log, MScan Log, DB Backup Log and DB Monitor Log.

• Removal: The WP Automatic Update Pro-Tool has been removed due to being outdated.

• Change: Plugin Firewall AutoPilot Mode invalid whitelist rule error check filter modified. Do not flag an error if www, http or https is used in a plugin’s file or folder naming conventions.

• BugFix: Variable name $texthostname typo fixed in file: activation.php code line: 509.

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