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Whats New In BulletProof Security Pro 13.4

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Published: November 21, 2017
Updated: November 21, 2017


• Procedural Improvement: Setup Wizard: create additional root htaccess file backup with timestamp filename format on each Setup Wizard run.

• BugFix: PHP Error Log Location Set To: Fixed Set Error Log Location wp-config.php file RegEx.

• Procedural Fix: Fixed various insignificant PHP Notice PHP errors.

• Procedural: Additional cleanup help steps added for Pharma Hack cleanup.

• BugFix: Login Security: Attempts Remaining value has been corrected for first time user account logins to display the correct number of Attempts Remaining value.

• Text Correction: MScan delete log file message correction.

• Enhancement: New System Info check: PHP Disable Functions and Suhosin Function Blacklist.

• Procedural Update: Setup Wizard AutoFix whitelist rule update for WooCommerce.

• Procedural Change: Inline CSS changed for various BPS buttons to allow button text wrapping for i18n language translation button text.

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