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Whats New In BulletProof Security Pro 9.6

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Published: September 29, 2014
Updated: September 29, 2014

Whats New in BPS Pro 9.6

P-Security Structural/Functional/Enhancement/Core Changes:

The File Manager has been moved to its own tab page. The Php.ini Master File Maker and Php.ini File Creator Forms have had some functionality changes made to simplify the process of creating custom php.ini files. The Read Me help text throughout P-Security has been updated to reflect the new functionality, structural and core changes. Reduction in size of large PHP Core file by creating additional conditional supporting files with require.

B-Core Structural Core Changes:

Reduction in size of large Options Core file by creating additional conditional supporting files with require.

AutoRestore Structural Core Changes:

Reduction in size of large Autorestore Core file by creating additional conditional supporting files with require.

Custom Code Network/Multisite Additional Text Box:

CUSTOM CODE WP REWRITE LOOP END: Add WP Rewrite Loop End code here. This is a Special Network/Multisite Custom Code text box that should ONLY be used if the correct WP REWRITE LOOP END code is not being created in your root .htaccess file by AutoMagic. This Custom Code text box and Read Me help text is ONLY displayed if you have a Network/Multisite website.

System Info Enhancements/Improvements/Additions:

DNS Name Server checking code performance improvement and conditional checking added based on domain labels. Network/Multisite subdirectory / subdomain site type check added and changes to existing conditional checks. output_buffering directive variable check changed and text correction. Additional conditional checks for PHP Actual Configuration Memory Limit. Will display color coded recommendations and/or memory limits.

Pro-Tools Online Base64 Decoder & Offline Base64 Decode/Encode Core Changes:

These 2 Pro-Tools are now separate pages conditional loaded with require that can be deleted individually in cases where a Host Scanner or other Scanner is incorrectly detecting the legitimate code in these 2 Pro-Tools as malicious code. The recommended action is to whitelist these 2 Pro-Tools and not delete them, but in cases where that is not possible then these 2 Pro-Tools can be deleted individually without having to delete the entire Pro-Tools page, which means that the other 14 Pro-Tools will still be available and usable.

BugFixes/Code Corrections/Misc/CSS/Visual/Other:

• WP Plugins page View details link changed to Version Release Dates / Whats New link.
• Status Display div fix and CSS changes for BPS Pro pages only status display & WP Dashboard Status Display CSS visual enhancements.
• Removal/Deletion of obsolete usage of bps_DNS_NS() function.
• Login Security & JTC Form Cross Browser visual display issues/problems. Form field tables created instead of individual CSS properties.
• Backend MMode causing crashes due to newline not being generated in some cases. Additional newline added to wp-admin backend MMode htaccess writing code base.
• Activation Key Request remote post time out and error checking correction. Server Protocol is now HTTP/1.1 instead of HTTP/1.0 for Key requests.
• Plugin Firewall X-Forwarded-for preg_match from end of string to return the end ip address only in cases where the array has been converted to a string of ip addresses.
• Plugin Firewall various CSS enhancements. Text corrections.
• Plugin Firewall New Plugin Installed Dismiss Notice links stays on relevant page and does not redirect to the WP Dashboard
• EOL/removed – 9.0 Major version release Dismiss Notice notification.
• Whats New page layout/design changes. General Help info and tips updated.
• JTC / Next Gen Gallery jQuery ToolTip CSS issue. Utilizing the NextGen Gallery NGG_DISABLE_RESOURCE_MANAGER constant in login-security.php conditionally to disable the resource manager on the Login page. Does not negatively impact NextGen in any way and is more for cosmetic purposes.

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