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Whats New In BulletProof Security Pro 8.1

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Published: December 10, 2013
Updated: December 10, 2013

BPS Pro 8.1 Primary Focus:

Code Corrections/Enhancements/Changes

BPS Pro 8.1 Secondary Focus: 

Additional CSS Visual Style Changes for WP 3.8+ MP6

WP 3.8 Beta-1, RC1, RC2 testing completed

General Info:

BulletProof Security Pro new version releases have been occurring more frequently than the typical new version release schedule due to major changes in the last 2 versions of WordPress. For those of you waiting on BPS Pro feature requests / enhancements they are still on the scheduled task list and will be created in future BPS Pro version releases.

Code Corrections/Enhancements/Changes:

Custom Code Code Correction:
ENT_QUOTES flag added to Custom Code AutoMagic variables to convert Single Quote HTML entities stored in the DB back to characters during AutoMagic File writing.
Pro-Tools Multi 20 Page/Post cURL Scanner: Additional filtering removed to allow for cURL Remote scanning again.
AutoRestore Save ARQ Cron Options pop up button/message: Pop up message text updated to reflect the new ARQ Automation changes.
Plugin Firewall Master Text file correction: Blank space removed from the plugins-htaccess-master.txt file.

Additional WP 3.8 CSS visual adjustments:

CSS visual adjustments made to S-Monitor BPS Pro pages Only displayed messages, alerts, notices and Status Displays.

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