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Whats New In BulletProof Security Pro 7.6

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Published: October 22, 2013
Updated: October 22, 2013

BPS Pro 7.6 Primary Focus: 
Plugin Firewall Server IP Address additional checks

Plugin Firewall Server IP Address:

The Server IP Address variable was not successfully being retrieved on a couple of web hosts (iPage and Strato) when running the Setup Wizard, using the Plugin Firewall Tools & not displaying the Server IP address on the System Info page. This caused BPS Pro menus & pages to display broken/unformatted as well as several other problems due to the Plugin Firewall .htaccess file having a blank entry where the Server IP address should have been entered/added. Fallback DNS code has been created that will successfully retrieve the Server IP address and add it to the Plugin Firewall .htaccess file on Hosts that are blocking the SERVER_ADDR variable for security reasons.


***HOT*** Coming Soon in BPS Pro 7.7:

WordPress is moving towards automatic updating in WordPress 3.7. BPS Pro 7.7 will be making a significant change to AutoRestore/Quarantine to adapt to this change in WP 3.7. What this means for you is you will no longer need to turn off AutoRestore & backup files when upgrading WordPress. BPS Pro will automatically turn off AutoRestore and backup WP Core files when WordPress performs an automatic update. The WordPress 3.7 update/upgrade & BPS 7.6 will be the last version where you will need to turn off AutoRestore and backup files before turning AutoRestore back on when updating/upgrading WordPress. We hope to have BPS Pro 7.7 completed before WordPress releases WP 3.7.1.

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