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Whats New In BulletProof Security Pro 5.7

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Published: March 28, 2013
Updated: April 14, 2013

Whats New in BPS Pro 5.7

BPS Pro 5.7.2 Sub Release (SR)

jQuery Code Change For WordPress 3.6 scheduled release date: April 29, 2013
404.php Security Log template code corrections

BPS Pro 5.7.1 Sub Release (SR)

Bug fix: Turn On/Off Error logging pattern match correction to include all possible scenarios
Bug fix: ErrorDocument 401 default added/removed on Turn Error Logging On/Off


Primary Focus: Coding Improvements, Enhancements, Corrections Throughout BPS Pro & New Features

New Features:

B-Core Security Log Page:
Turn Error Logging On or Off: Choose whether or not to have Security/HTTP Errors logged.

Ignoring/Not Logging User Agents/Bots – Allowing/Logging User Agents/Bots: Adding or Removing User Agents/Bots adds or removes User Agents/Bots to your Database and also writes new code to the 403.php Security Logging template. The 403.php Security Logging file is where the check occurs whether or not to log or not log a User Agent/Bot. It would be foolish and costly to website performance to have your WordPress database handle the task/function/burden of checking which User Agents/Bots to log or not log. WordPress database queries are the most resource draining function of a WordPress website. The more database queries that are happening at the same time on your website the slower your website will perform and load. For this reason the Security Logging check is done from code in the 403.php Security Logging file.

Add User Agents/Bots to Ignore/Not Log: Add the User Agent/Bot names you would like to Ignore/Not Log in your Security Log.

Removing User Agents/Bots to Allow/Log: To search for ALL User Agents/Bots to remove/delete from your database leave the text box blank and click the Remove / Allow button. You will see a Dynamically generated Radio Button Form that will display the User Agents/Bots in the BPS User Agent/Bot database Table, Remove or Do Not Remove Radio buttons and the Timestamp when the User Agent/Bot was added to your DB. Select the Remove Radio buttons for the User Agents/Bots you want to remove/delete from your database and click the Remove button. Removing/deleting User Agents/Bots from your database means that you want to have these User Agents/Bots logged again in your Security/HTTP Error Log.

Pro-Tools – 2 New Tools Added:
Ping Website: Check if a website domain is Up/Down or Blocking your website/Server IP Address.

cURL Scan/cURL Multi page Scan: Scans up to 10 website pages Source Code simultaneously for any Text or Code. The search string can be plain text or code or a combination of both text and code, but limit the search string to as little text or code as possible in your search. You can search outputted website pages Source code and internal js and php scripts. The Pro-Tools String Finder tool is better for searching internal scripts and will also show you the code line in the search results. A Pro-Tools cURL Multi Page Scanner link has been added under the Plugin Firewall Additional Whitelist Tools accordion link.

Additional New BPS Pro Menu Links:
Additional New BPS Pro menu links have been added to make navigation to the most commonly used pages and sections of BPS Pro quicker and easier to find: Plugin Firewall, Uploads Anti-Exploit Guard, Security Status, System Info, PHP Info, htaccess File Editor, Custom Code, Security Log, PHP Error Log and Quarantine Log menu links.
 BulletProof Security Menu

Coding Improvements, Enhancements & Corrections:

Coding Improvements, Enhancements & Corrections:
AutoMagic/Root .htaccess file: ErrorDocument 401 default .htaccess code has been added to AutoMagic and will be automatically added to the root .htaccess file on BPS Pro upgrade. This .htaccess directive prevents errors relating to password protected directories/folders.

Activation page: Additional connectivity checks to detect connectivity/communication problems when clicking the Get Key button to request Activation Keys. Wordfence conflict check, fsockopen, etc.

P-Security page: Diagnostic Checks/Recommendations tool – Additional diagnostic checks and recommendations added. Check if wp-config.php is located in the website root folder and other various new diagnostic checks for troubleshooting issues/problems.

P-Security ini_set Options: wp-config.php WordPress Language version check for folks who have WordPress installed in other languages. Link provided in displayed message with instructions on performing an additional setup step.

Plugin Firewall Whitelisting: Extra trailing comma is now stripped off of both the Plugins Script/File Whitelist Text Area on DB save and when the Create Firewall Master File button is clicked to create the Plugin Firewall Whitelist rules.

AutoRestore/Quarantine Hard Exlude Rule Added: The Jetpack plugin is now hard excluded from being checked by AutoRestore/Quarantine to prevent problems with Jetpack plugin files being sent to Quarantine. Restoring quarantined Jetpack files from Quarantine will crash a website.

Jetpack plugin Quarantine check: If Jetpack files are sent to Quarantine an alert will be displayed on the Quarantine page to NOT restore Jetpack plugin files. Restoring Jetpack plugin files from Quarantine will cause a website to crash. Jetpack plugin files MUST be deleted from Quarantine and the Jetpack plugin reinstalled instead of restoring Jetpack plugin files.

Install/Backup page: PCLZip fallback added in addition to ZipArchive Class for zip backup on Servers that do not have the ZipArchive Class installed. ZipArchive Class does not work correctly on XAMPP, but PCLZip does. Zip backups can now be performed successfully on XAMPP using PCLZip (WAMP, MAMP, etc).

jQuery conflict prevention: New coding to prevent Facebook members and Smart Slideshow Widget plugins jQuery scripts from interfering with BPS Pro jQuery scripts.

WP Dashboard Alerts/BPS only pages alerts: Improvements and corrections to displayed alerts and errors.

Blue Read Me Help buttons/files: Various new additions and corrections to Blue Read Me Help buttons throughout BPS Pro.

Other Miscellaneous coding improvements, enhancements and corrections:

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