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8 Comments to “PHP5.3.x – PHP5.4.x .user.ini File Does Not Work – Known PHP5.3.x .user.ini FastCGI WordPress Zend Apache Issue”

  1. finid says:

    I’m about to migrate to another hosting outfit where php 5.3.x is in use.

    This is going to be an issue with BPS, right?

    • AITpro Admin says:

      BPS Pro now has a new feature as of version 5.1.9 called ini_set Options. ini_set Options is an alternative or can be used in addition to using php.ini files (PHP5.2.x) or .user.ini files (PHP5.3.x). Please see the BPS Pro 5 Minute Setup Video Tutorial >>>

      Check with your web host to see if they have implemented the FastCGI solution above on their Servers. If they have then you should be able to add a .user.ini file for your website without any problems. If your web host has not implemented the FastCGI solution above on their Servers then just use the BPS Pro ini_set Options and do not create a .user.ini file for your website.

      • finid says:

        This is probably outside the scope of this article, but I’m about to migrate my site for the first time. Do you recommend a fresh install at the new webhost, then copy wp-config and move the db over, or move the old file to the new webhost?

        What’s the best method that will keep the site online during the process? Given that the site is pretty active and could be getting comments duing the process, is it advisable to put it in maintenance mode just before I begin the process?

        • AITpro Admin says:

          This is the way i do migrations from one host to another host.
          1. Put the site in Maintenance Mode.
          1. Turn Off ARQ and delete all ARQ Backup Files.
          2. Unlock all files that are locked with F-Lock.
          3. Put the site in Default Mode.
          4. Make my clone or backup now.
          5. Put the site back in BulletProof Mode, backup files and lock all files with F-Lock

          On your new site you will do the normal clone or migration steps.

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