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22 Comments to “BulletProof Security Pro – Direct Upgrade Installation, Zip Installation, Zip Backup and Download”

  1. kayache says:

    I am planning to build a site using the Genesis theme, are they known conflicts with Genesis that I should be aware of? Does it matter if I install BPS PRO first, or Genesis first? thanks.

    • AITpro Admin says:

      No, there are no known issues that i am aware of and several people are using the Genesis Framework. Nope does not matter which is installed first, but just remember to turn ARQ off when installing new Themes and them be sure to click the Backup Files buttons before turning ARQ back on.

  2. kayache says:

    Looked through posts and didn’t see this problem or answer. Installed BPS PRO on fresh install of WP on hostgator. Install shows as successful, but BPS menu is blank, although yellow highlighted section at top is there. Click any of the links and it still shows blank. Read that some plugins causie menu display issues but I had deleted the two default plugins and had no others installed. I’m stuck.

    • kayache says:

      Fixed. looks like I mistakenly entered the activation code for a different domain.

      • AITpro Admin says:

        Yep i was just about to respond to your first question and ask if you had entered a valid Activation Key. 😉 Activation Keys are unique for each website. Thanks for confirming that all is well.

  3. kayache says:

    Complete Newbie to wordpress and BPS. Should I NOT use XAMPP as my local dev environment if I plan on transferring WP, with BPS already installed, to a non-xampp production environment (hostgator) later? Your 5-minute install video shows that XAMPP requires that you escape characters in the http_error_log.txt path, and turn off alerts in the file lock area, which would not be the case for hostgator.

    My hope was to develop the site locally (on XAMPP that I’ve setup), have plugins already installed and configured, and then copy the site to hostgator. Of course, I know so little at this point, I don’t even know if I can do it that way, but assuming that I can – should I move to WAMP over XAMPP so that BPS will be set up better for hostgator on the eventual upload? Do you suggest that we not load BPS PRO on the development environment at all? Do you suggest we install BPS fresh on the production server?

    • AITpro Admin says:

      It is fine to develop in a XAMPP or MAMPP environment with BPS Pro to ensure that there are not any conflicts with Themes, Plugins or custom coding. And yes what i then recommend is that after Development testing is completed you install BPS Pro clean on the Production site. BPS Pro only takes 5 minutes to setup these days and you would not want to migrate/copy up things like ARQ Backup Files and Activation Keys are website specific/unique (you would need to request a new Activation Key using the Activation Get Key button for the Production site) so it is best just to do a clean install on the Production site and then go through the 5 minute setup steps. BPS Pro 5 Minute Setup Video Tutorial >>>

      • kayache says:

        I know BPS PRO only takes 5 minutes, but still I was hoping to load all of the 7 or 8 typical plugins I would use and have a “base site” that that I start with for each new project. Does BPS introduce anything to consider beyond the normal steps when cloning/converting an existing site to a new domain?

        • AITpro Admin says:

          These are the procedural steps that i recommend for Migrating, Moving or Cloning websites.

          1. Turn off ARQ
          2. Click all 4 Delete Files buttons in AutoRestore.
          3. Use the BPS Backup feature in B-Core and backup your .htaccess files.
          4. Put your website in Default Mode.
          5. Unlock all your files in F-Lock.
          6. Perform your Clone, Website Backup or Migration.
          7. On the new site.
          8. Go to AutoRestore and click the 4 Backup Files buttons and turn ARQ back on.
          9. Go to B-Core and either use the Restore feature or create new htaccess files with AutoMagic and activate BulletProof Modes.
          10. Go to F-Lock and lock all your files.

          And if you are moving from Shared Hosting to VPS or Dedicated you would also want to do this step.

          Delete your existing custom php.ini file and then you will need to create a new custom php.ini file following the instructions in the link below for VPS or Dedicated Hosting or you can just use the ini_set Options and not create a new custom php.ini file for this new VPS or Dedicated Server.

          • kayache says:

            Thanks. answers to few more questions would help me understand how it all works:
            1. why do htaccess files need to be backed up and restored separately from the whole website backup and restore? seems redundant.
            2. why does the website need to be put into default mode prior to backup? what would the problem be if it was not?
            3. Can any of these steps be omitted if I am taking a normal/routine backup (database and WP folders) of the production website, rather than a backup for later cloning?

          • AITpro Admin says:

            1. Well actually the .htaccess files do not need to be backed up in the typical sense/use of backing up files to save copies. Let me give you a quick example of how this would be used. Let’s say you install a new plugin and something does not appear to be working correctly and you want to eliminate that BPS Pro is causing the issue/problem. This method below gives you a quick way to troubleshoot and eliminate BPS Pro as causing the issue/problem and then switch back into BulletProof Mode without having to do the typical plugin deactivate and reactivate that you would have to do with other plugins.

            1. Make a backup of your .htaccess files using BulletProof Security built-in Backup.
            2. Activate Default Mode on the Security Modes page.
            3. Use the Delete wp-admin .htaccess feature on the Security Modes page.
            4. Test your plugin or theme.
            5. Restore your .htaccess files using BulletProof Security built-in Restore.

            2. You do not need to put BPS Pro in Default Mode while doing a backup. You would want to put BPS Pro in Default Mode if you were Cloning, Moving or Migrating your website.

            3. Answered above.

  4. Simon says:


    i just bought the bulletproof pro version. I deactivated the free version and deletet it after that. I checked via ftp and there were no more bulletproof folders.

    Then i uploaded the new bulletproof pro zip folder and all went ok. “Plugin was installes” But when i want to activate it there comes an error message: Plugin can’t be activatet because it produces fatal error!.

    I checked everything twice but could’nd find a solution. i use wp version 3.4.2

    Please help…

    • AITpro Admin says:

      I am sending you a private email to get more details that should not be displayed publicly. Thanks.

  5. Hafihz says:

    Hi there,

    I just purchased the plugin but I have not yet received the activation code (more than 15 mins since i pressed the button. Appreciate your help please.

    • AITpro Admin says:

      I see that Activation Keys are being automatically generated and emailed to you so I am looking into this further right now and will contact you directly via email since this information needs to be private and not publicly displayed. Thank you.

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