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GoDaddy Web Host Review – Web Hosting Review of GoDaddy Web Hosting

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Published: March 25, 2010
Updated: March 14, 2011

Why is GoDaddy the Best Web Host?

GoDaddy Web Host ReviewBest Web Host – We have clients who use several different web hosts so we have a lot of professional experience with the backend of web hosting companies. Comparing all of the different web hosts backend products and services, we feel that GoDaddy offers the most backend products and services and the best web hosting in general of any web hosting company. GoDaddy web hosting costs are relatively the same cost as other web hosts or in some cases even much lower yearly web hosting costs. A lot of our clients decide to switch to GoDaddy web hosting because they experience a range of different website hosting problems. Website Downtime, website page load slowness, 500 errors, over restrictive email server policies, poor technical support, poor customer support, etc. etc. etc. We have found GoDaddy web hosting to be the most reliable web host and the best web host for consistency all across the board. From uptime, to page load time, to available backend web hosting products and services, to customer service, to technical support, fair pricing, etc. etc. etc. Taking into account all the factors involved with web hosting, we feel in our professional opinion that GoDaddy web hosting is by far the best web hosting company.

Website Security on GoDaddy – Is GoDaddy a Secure Web Host?

Website security is not only your web hosts responsibility, but also the responsibility of each website owner.  Your web host, whether it is GoDaddy or any other web host, can provide only so much security and then it is up to each website owner to ensure that their website is secure.  You should never share your account passwords with anyone.  You should never store your website account passwords on your web host server.  You should protect your website account information just like you would protect your bank account information.

This is the most important website security measure every website owner should have – Every website should have an .htaccess file that provides actual security for their website.  A secure .htaccess file with the right .htaccess coding added to it can provide a vault door to your website that is impenetrable to hackers.  If you don’t have an .htaccess file for your website this does not mean that you are completely wide open and exposed to hackers.  You web host provides as much security as they can in a generalized mass website account hosting way that they can.  A web host cannot protect each and every website in a specific way because there are too many variations of website designs and websites hosted on the web host servers.  This would create complications and problems for most website owners.  So in order for each and every website owner to protect their own websites against hackers an .htacess security file is necessary.  This should be a standard security measure that each and every website owner should add to their own website.  The alternative is to roll the dice and take your chances with the general security that any web host can provide for your website.  I have personally dealt with hacked client websites on several web hosts and the common denominator was not that the web hosts did not have sufficient security measures in place – the common denominator was that none of these websites had a secure .htaccess file in place.


The only negative thing we have to say about GoDaddy web hosting is that when you go through the process of  purchasing the web hosting account you are given too many choices of adding on additional features to your web hosting account.  This is very confusing to most people and was very confusing to us when we first signed up with GoDaddy web hosting.  After you have picked the GoDaddy web hosting account you want and have clicked the Add button you will then be taken to the Customize Your Order page.  Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the No Thanks button.  The reason we advise this is because in most cases you will only need the web hosting account without requiring any additional features.  Typically the only additional feature that you will need to add on to your web hosting account will be additional email mailbox space.  If you have several website domains (websites) that you will be adding to your GoDaddy web hosting account then you will want to be able to control which account gets what.  From a logical standpoint it just makes more sense to get what you need first and then decide what additional add ons you might need for your website hosting account later.  If you have several websites that you will be managing under one hosting account it makes even more sense to decide on adding additional hosting features after you have your main web hosting account set up.

AITpro Personal Website Web Hosting History

First off, GoDaddy appears to NOT have been the best web host in years past.  That bad rap from years past still currently appears to follow them a little bit, but the bottom line is they are the best web host we have come across so far RIGHT NOW.  That may change in the future.  We have had 4 different web hosts through the years and each one has given us enough problems that we decided to move to a different web host.  Our decision to choose GoDaddy as our new web host was based on the fact that of all our website clients, the clients who had GoDaddy web hosting accounts had the least amount of problems.  When we say problems we mean nick nack things, not problems like your website is down or you are not getting emails or your website pages are taking an extremely long time to open, as examples of the various serious problems we have personally experienced with other web hosts.  So besides seeing that GoDaddy had the most consistent trouble free web hosting services for our clients who were using GoDaddy web hosting, we also noticed that their website pages were opening significantly faster then our website pages on our web host.  We had dedicated server web hosting with our last web host, which is supposed to be faster than shared server web hosting.  Instead of getting faster loading website pages on our dedicated server, we had slower loading website pages then our clients with shared server web hosting on GoDaddy.  So we were paying 2-3 times more for less backend web hosting features, slower website perfomance, constant ongoing serious intermittent problems, terrible customer service, terrible technical support and the most fun of all – stressing over how long it would take our web host to get our website back up again.  We are not talking about a rinky dink web host either.  Their hosting service was so bad that we refuse to even mention their name, so as not to give them any credibility as a web hosting service provider whatsoever.  We can’t say enough good stuff about GoDaddy.  We have not had one single problem since moving to GoDaddy and we couldn’t be happier about all the extra backend features at half the cost.  The best part – It’s nice to be able to relax knowing that your website will actually really be up 99.9% of the time.  Our last web host claimed that they had 99.9% uptime, but that was not true in our experience and a quick Google search uncovered a lot of other website owners who found this server uptime claim not to be true.

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