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The original question was regarding effective advertising methods for a specific type of business.  In this case the business happened to be an auto detailing business.  These advertising methods would of course be very effective for other types of businesses as well.

The best type of advertising I can think of for your type of business is Vehicle Graphics or Vehicle Wraps. Since your business is auto related it would work especially well to promote your type of business. Vehicle Wraps advertising works very well for just about any type of business for that matter. Vehicle Wraps advertising has a very high advertising impact and they have proven track record of getting results. This is a client testimonial from a small independent business owner who has a business in a low density population area such as yourself >>> It’s definitely working for this business owner. 😉

If you look up the statistics on vehicle graphics and wraps advertising you will see that the numbers on the advertising impact that vehicle graphics and wraps have are very impressive. Do a search on “vehicle graphics advertising statistics” and you should come across the OAAA website, which has statistical data about all types of advertising and the impact ratios of various types of advertising.

Vehicle Wraps are pretty expensive depending on how much of your vehicle you want to wrap. Vehicle Graphics, like vehicle lettering on the other hand costs much less. I see that you have already invested a fair amount in your business so you should probably start with a vehicle graphic as opposed to a full vehicle wrap. Looking at the actual pricing differences it looks like vehicle graphics are as cheap as $350 and vehicle wraps seem to start at around $1500 for partial vehicle wraps and then the full vehicle wraps are in the thousands ($2,000-$5,000).

This is the biggest plus I see for you with using vehicle graphics advertising since you live in a fairly low populated area – vehicle wraps or vehicle graphics would allow you to expand your territory. If you just put up a sign for your business it would limit your exposure to just the potential customers that happen to notice your business sign. With vehicle graphics or a vehicle wrap you could drive to nearby towns and cities and advertise anywhere you wanted to drive too.

Newspaper ads in nearby cities and towns will also help expand your territory, but they are a pretty low impact form of advertising, especially for your particular type of business. Online advertising on sites like Craigslist is a very good idea. Create a very nice looking graphic and post it on craigslist – DO NOT just type in your post. That is a waste and you will get very little response. So take the time to make a nice looking graphic that is really eye catching and then post it on craigslist.

And for my bit of self promotion – create a website for your business. Even if it is just going to be used to establish credibility for your business for now. Example: you can show the quality of your work on your website and add client testimonials. 😉 You can start working on getting high search engine rankings and promoting your website online after you have your website up. My website is very effective at generating customers >>>

In my opinion Vehicle Graphics and Vehicle Wraps are the best form of advertising you should focus on, but you should do ALL forms of advertising to cover ALL the bases. The other thing that happens psychologically by advertising everywhere is you create the effect of an established business and more importantly a POPULAR business. Image is everything! Speaking of image – take the time to come up with a great name for your new business. Something catchy and memorable that sticks in people’s minds because it is either a very cool name, a funny name, a name that makes people curious, etc. The right business name is a name that makes you think about or feel something. Emotion is the key.

And I just thought of a really obvious cheap and pretty effective advertising method that will work for your particular business. Create nice looking flyers and put them on vehicle’s windshields. Yes it’s car spam, but flyers do actually work even if you end up irritating a few people. The trick to irritating less people with your flyers and winning some new customers is to make the flyer very professional and attractive (nice graphic too) and if possible exciting. ie Special Deal! Now thru blah blah blah 30% off on blah blah blah.

Hope this info helped. Good luck with your new business!

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