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Effective Business Website Design – Maximum Effective Business Website Design

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Published: July 18, 2013
Updated: July 18, 2015

Effective business website design – Four basic business website design elements that are essential to achieving a maximum effective business website design.  Effective business website design begins with choosing the best business website design platform (or platforms) for your particular business needs.  Once you have chosen the best business website design platform you should then create a solid foundation that includes room for business website design growth.  A solid business website foundation requires research – research your market and competition before building that website foundation.   Website security is an essential business website foundation element that should be implemented either while your website is in Development or immediately after your business website goes Live. These are four basic elements that are essential in creating an effective business website design.

Effective Business Website Design:  Four Basic Elements in Order of Importance

1: Business Website Security

Business website security should be a top priority, if not your #1 priority when creating a new business website.  If you have a personal website that is not used as a business website to sell products or services then website security is not as critical and essential since having a personal website hacked would just be an inconvenience vs losing income with a business website.  All business website design platforms (HTML, PHP, ASP, etc) are not the same so you should research which type of website security is the best website security for your business website design platform.  You should also have a good “disaster recovery plan”.  A disaster recovery plan consists of making regular backups of your business website so that if the worst case scenario happens – your business website gets hacked – you can restore your business website relatively quickly from a current backup of the website.

2: Quality Original Content and Quality Informational Content

Your business website should clearly state everything there is to know about your products and services to have the maximum effectiveness for “winning over” your website visitors. Quality informational content ensures that your business website visitors do not have any doubts or questions about what you have to offer and should instill trust if the content is well written. Quality original content written in an informational format is essential to achieving high search engine rankings. It is a well known fact that Google, Yahoo, MSN / Bing place much higher value on website content that is completely original AND is written in an informational format. Achieving a perfect balance in your quality informational website content should effectively get maximum search engine ranking results and provide a service to your business website clients and customers.  Important Tips:  Check that your content is accurate by cross referencing reputable websites such as Wiki. Copying and pasting content from other websites directly onto your website pages WILL get your website penalized by Google, Bing, Yahoo and other Search Engines.

3: Business Website Design Functionality and Technical Functionality

The general functionality and the technical functionality of your business website design should serve your business website visitors first and of course make it easier for you to effectively manage your business website. Sure it can be fun to show off how many bells and whistles you can add to your business website design, but if those bells and whistles don’t serve a practical technical purpose then they are not essential and will probably “hurt not help” your business website’s reputation. To achieve maximum effective functionality for your business website design you should base your technical website design decisions on what will make your visitors experience better and of course make your business website management job simpler, not more difficult.  When I come across websites that have poor design functionality (finding what you are looking for is very difficult or not logical) or poor technical functionality (technical features on the website do not actually work or work well) I am consciously aware of making a negative mental note about that particular website since this is one of my areas of expertise.  The average website visitor might just never visit that website again.  This is definitely not something you want to happen to your website.  Of course I am aware that this could be a temporary problem with any particular website, but does the average website visitor think that way – probably not.

4: Business Website Design Visual Appeal

The business website design you choose should look visually appealing in general to be effective at achieving maximum results. Your business website design should also have specific design appeal for your particular business market to achieve maximum results. More importantly, your business website design should make logical visual sense to your potential business clients and customers. Each particular industry has a certain standard effective business website design look. Of course there is nothing wrong with setting new business website design trends. A good rule of thumb is it is always better to have a simple clean well laid out business website design instead of a complicated and cluttered business website design.  The excitement factor is important, but be careful not to get tunnel vision and go overboard with adding too much visual “zing, bells & whistles”.  We have been guilty of making that mistake in the past.  “More is not always better”.  One or two “zings” should do it and then concentrate on the more important aspects; functionality and good informational content since they are much more important aspects of the business website design overall.

Common, questions, misunderstandings, the facts and taking a website to the next level

The two most commonly asked questions I used to get asked about business website designs were,  “How much money can I make with a new business website?”  and “How much money should I be making with my business website?”  The answers depend on several factors;  the current supply and demand of the products or services being offered, the level of dedication and committment to continually working on the business website.  The work does not end when a new website is built.  On the contrary, once a new website has been built it is the same as if you just finished laying the foundation for a new house to be built on top of that foundation.  The real work begins after a website has been built.  A website that sits idle with no new growth is the same as a house that has been abandoned.  Eventually it will fade into obscurity.

So what does it take to take your business website to the next level?  Imagination, drive, new ideas, new content, more new ideas, more new content and then some more new ideas and more new content.  If you are constantly growing and working on putting new ideas and content into motion then eventually someday down the road you can stop working long enough to enjoy all of your efforts and work.  I won’t kid you here – It takes a lot of ongoing effort and work to make a site awesome and popular, but if you are doing the four basic elements correctly and on the right track with your content and/or products and services then eventually all of your hard work will pay off.

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