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What are Custom WordPress Themes?

AITpro no longer offers this product or service.

Custom WordPress Themes are website “skins” based on the core WordPress CMS platform.  They visually change the layout and graphic appearance of your website.  A custom WordPress website theme includes custom page templates, a custom CSS stylesheet and several other theme files that tie into the core WordPress platform for functionality.

AITpro Custom WordPress Themes

AITpro custom WordPress themes are one of a kind original website theme designs.  The graphics we create for our custom WordPress themes are completely original.  There are no visual website design limitations with WordPress themes.  We can create a completely new and original theme for you or build a theme to your exact visual and technical specifications.  In most cases you can have the exact same visual theme look on whatever website platform you choose.  So it only makes sense to build a website based on the best website platform currently available for search engine optimization and ease of usability.

These are just some of great key usability features of WordPress

  • You have an easy to use website design that is simple to maintain and update.
  • No additional software is needed to edit your website.
  • You log into your website on the Internet to add new pages.
  • New pages and posts take minutes to create not hours.
  • Adding a new website page is as fast and simple as typing a Word document.
  • No further coding work is necessary once the website has been built.

Are Custom WordPress Websites Just for Small Business Websites?

eBay, Yahoo, Sony and many more top brand name companies use WordPress as their blogging software platform so WordPress is obviously not just for small business websites.

Looking for Free Standard WordPress Themes?  Click + Show

[spoiler] Standard WordPress themes are designed to look like blog theme websites because after all that is what they were intended to be.  If you want your website to look like a blog theme website then you can use any of the 1,000+ free WordPress themes available without any coding customizations at all.  If you want to add a free WordPress theme to your existing website you will most likely want to customize the theme to have it visually look like the rest of your website. [/spoiler]

Check our WordPress Website Design Special Deals Store for website design special deals.  For website design quotes submit a website design quote form.  For search engine optimization (SEO) quotes submit a SEO & Copywriting quotes form.  For custom Flash movie design quotes submit a Flash movie design quotes form.  One of our professional website designers will respond to your quote request as quickly as possible.  For immediate quotes please call us at 805-651-8516.

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