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Custom Flash Movies Are Effective

AITpro no longer offers this product or service.

Custom Flash movies are an effective way to quickly get a website visitors attention and to let them know within seconds what products and services your website offers.  Customized Flash movies are much more effective than simple Flash Ads and far more effective than static images.  Custom Flash movies are one of the most effective branding recognition media formats.

The Difference Between a Simple Flash Ad and a Custom Flash Movie

Simple Flash Ads are good at briefly getting a visitor’s attention, but usually do not result in an action or follow through by most website visitors.  Our custom Flash movies are designed to immediately get a website visitors attention and sustain that attention just long enough to deliver your personal message.  A simple Flash Ad cannot set the overall tone of your website, whereas a custom Flash movie can quite effectively set the overall tone and message for your website.

Custom Flash Movie Design Services

  • We design custom Flash movies for our new website designs.
  • We design custom Flash movies for existing websites.
  • We can embed our custom Flash movies into any website platform.
  • We have designed a custom Flash preloader that loads our custom Flash movies within 2 seconds no matter what size they are.

Check our WordPress Website Design Special Deals Store for website design special deals.  For website design quotes submit a website design quote form.  For search engine optimization (SEO) quotes submit a SEO & Copywriting quotes form.  For custom Flash movie design quotes submit a Flash movie design quotes form.  One of our professional website designers will respond to your quote request as quickly as possible.  For immediate quotes please call us at 805-651-8516.

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